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Terre Differenti
Image 2000 Different Lands

Terre Differenti
Image 2000 SIAE

(28 November 2000) We made initial contact with Fabio Armani over ten months ago in the run up to a new album by Advena Avis entitled Da Terre Lontane. The group's earlier album is entitled Medioevo Futoro (1997). Advena Avis was founded by Armani and Marco Carpiceci in Italy in 1990. He told us, "The group's music folows a course which, inspired from the ancient, that is the vast repertoire of medieval melodies, and from the study of instruments and performing techniques of the ethnic and popular world, developed and enriched itself in different phases." His style is further developed with the debut self-titled work Terre Differenti (Different Lands (Italy) DL071, 2000) also released this year.

Our demo version of the album included vocal work by Anna DeMartini. However when the album was released her parts were replaced by Yazemin Sannino and Doris Levin. We have had the opportunity to listen to both versions and Armini's earlier Advena Avis albums for some time.

Terre Differenti is extremely atmospheric and an epic work running the full 74 minute length of a commercial release. It draws significant natural sounds and ethnic chants into the music, which varies from highly rhythmic to that involving almost total improvisation, to develop a visually enticing backdrop for the experience that rises above it. One can not help but be metaphysically transported to a different land when listening to the first two title tracks (I and II).

The theme of different lands is most evident in the ever shifting themes. One will hear new age, ethnic and alternative arrangements blended seamlessly with lovely jazz parts. Production is superb with each of the composer's instruments evidently discernable with perfect clarity. It is an adventurous group of recordings that move the body and soul, inspiring relaxation during the journey. Arrangements are perfectly balanced with our only desire being to have more vocals.

Fabio Armani told us about three of the album's tracks, "'Clouded Shapers' is a song inspired to the beautiful landscapes created by the clouds in the sky. It has an inner strength given by crescendos of electric guitar solo, synths and world percussions. 'The Legend Of The World" is a beautiful and evocative New Age piece inspired to ancient legends on the wind. It uses electronic as well as ancient and world instruments. "The Witches and the Desert" is a percussive middle east oriented piece inspired by a photo of three red dressed women in the desert. It talks the red tongue of the sand."

The Advena Avis and Terre Differenti albums are instrumentally dramatic and evocative in their construction. The music will likely appeal to a broad audience with its blend of jazz and world fusion textures. Visit the artist's website for further information. You can read further reviews of Terre Differenti, share your views with others and order their debut album from amazon.com here. We found the two Advena Avis and Terre Differenti albums by Fabio Armani to be a very nice listen!

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