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While this website has become known for its in-depth album and concert reviews, the digest contains concise comments on new music our audience has either recommended or might enjoy. Click on album covers or label names for links to further information. Click on the title to view the article.

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Child Of Transferrence CD Cover
Image © 1999 New World Music Ltd. 

Recommended initially by Graham Lubin, webmaster of Celestial Voices, the debut album by Wendy Stark is another stunning example of contemporary vocal work mixed with modern electronic instrumentation. Entitled Child Of Transferrence, (New World Music NWCD 467, 1999) the album, although far less multi-tracked and tribal, builds on a concept most associated with Adiemus in that the text for the vocals was written in a phonetic manner with the words viewed as an instrumental sound. It has again worked quite well.

Child of Transferrence is balanced and both vocally and instrumentally ("Prelude") strong, even soundtrack-like at times. Emotions, feelings and moods are conveyed and evoked in the listener as the melodies in the songs develop. Significantly more heavily produced and electronic -- as a result of the guitar and strong rhythmic elements -- than Enya, Adiemus or Pia, the album's ten songs each paint their own soundscape yet have been woven together in the album in a stunning way that grows on the audience with repeated listening. I found myself singing along with the non-lyrical vocals after the third pass through the album. The track "Avé Maria" is a stunning combination of vocals, traditional and electronic instrumentation.

From the liner notes, "Born in South Wales, Wendy Stark has been writing songs since childhood. Drawing from emotional and spiritual experience, her music is both reflective and inspiring. Her beautiful melodies, entwined with enhancing vocals create an intimate musical journey." Wendy's mid-register voice is pure and well-trained and compliments the light acoustic instrumentation and electronic progressions quite well.

Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.com here. Highly recommended for its variety and overall somberness, the album is a good listen and worthy of exploration. Check it out soon.

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