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Sands Of Time CD Cover
Image © Blix Street Records 2003

More Grace Griffith
Minstrel Song

(17 June 2003) The latest release from Grace Griffith is entitled Sands Of Time (Blix Street Records (USA), 2003). 'Hear' is (sings) the melodic gravity of vocal impressionism. The quintessence of 'grace-force' (the 'G' factor), of audio CD higher realm frequency distribution -- Grace Griffith!

Produced by the hearing adroitness (the sound dexterity) of Chris Biondo, Marcy Marxer, and Lenny Williams, Sands Of Time features eleven-plus voice trail tracks that will linger in the listener's mind long after the songs have been sung.

Beginning with the first artistic movement, "Carry You" (written by Leslie Phillips), Griffith expresses herself with the vocal intensity and chromatic color of employed Music Polarization Audio Response Patterns, which in grace-force terminology means: she becomes, a vocal magnet.

Listen to "Make My Garden Grow" (music written by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics Richard Wilbur) or "Moment Of Forever" (writers: Kris Kristofferson and Danny Timms) -- both of these songs represent Griffith’s unique singing attraction. ‘Hear’ she magnetizes the listener with the vocal gravity (choice) of good songs and the 'G' factor--a Great voice!

The musicians awe and awe are outstanding. Of note: Lenny Williams for best dramatic piano; Chris Biondo for producer plays bass; Fred Lieder-cello; Tommy Cecil for stand-up and stand-out bass performance and Marcy Marxer-congas, shaker, guitar, vocal harmonies, whistle, wind chimes, bouzouki, accordion, and yes one more, the mandolin!

A hierarchical CD of beauty awareness, Sands Of Time is the song-work of many hands (the musicians) moving the soul-work (which is Griffith) through the artwork of writers, into the songs of time!--Steven Digman

Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.com here. Clearly worth a journey, the album is a very nice listen!

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