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Mythos The Reality Of A Dreamer - Click To Visit Their New Website
Image © 2000 Higher Octave Music 

(13 May 2000) The second album from Mythos, a project led by Bob D'Eith and Paul Schmidt, is entitled The Reality Of A Dreamer (Higher Octave Music (USA) HOMCD 49807, 2000). Their second album again "blends sounds that are purely organic and human (soaring vocals, piano and guitar) with electronic foundations and atmospheres from the synthesizer." Many of the album's tracks would be equally comfortable in a major film soundtrack.

The debut album by Mythos debut album received critical acclaim (review). The album is produced by Bob D'Eith (piano and keyboard); co-writer Paul Schmidt also plays guitars. Vocals are by the two extremely talented vocalists Christine Duncan and Jennifer Scott and while dominated by ethereal soaring vocalise, one track entitled "Vision II" is actually the first by the Mythos to contain lyrics. A stunning piano solo in the instrumental ballad "Fantasy" is especially noteworthy. Similarly, the Spanish classical guitar within "Reveries" is completely illustrative of Paul Schmidt's capability and a lovely illustration of his talent.

Jennifer's numbers include "Requiem," "Solstice," "Destiny," "The Ring" and "Redemption" while Christine Duncan's include "Venice" "Vision I" and "Vision II." Her singing is restricted to layers of soprano vocalise and adds significant texture to the world music inspired rhythmic tunes of varying tempos. The epic "Solstice" is reminiscent of Enya's tunes in some places. Her soaring ethereal vocalise in "Destiny" is awe inspiring and perfectly compliments the instrumental arrangements. "The Ring" is a lovely track that combines piano and guitar with layers of Jennifer's soaring vocalise scales and numerous vocal harmonies while "Redemption" mixes electronic instrumentation with her powerful soaring voice. Christine Duncan's soulful vocals contribute to the atmospheric sounds of "Venice" and are illustrative of the vocalist's prowess, expansive range and dynamic performance.

"Vision 1" is a dance-oriented instrumental number with Christine Duncan on vocalise and is likely as comfortable on a new age album as it would be on a dance CD. The stunning version with lyrics entitled "Vision II" is also sung by Christine Duncan and concludes the album. Her performance is sensual, evocative and soulful. A video of the song is available in RealAudio at the Spark Records website.

You can read further reviews, listen to sound samples and order the Mythos album The Reality Of A Dreamer from amazon.com here. With a broad range of rhythmic worldly beats, stunning vocals and their first number with lyrics, this new album by Mythos is stunning in every respect. Worth a journey, it is a very nice listen!

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