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Closer CD Cover
Image Attic Records 2006

Clive Nolan and Agneiszka Swita
Clive Nolan and Agneiszka Swita
Image Attic Records 2006

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(12 February 2007) Clive Nolan has a passion for female vocalists, therefore he oftentimes writes and produces progressive rock music that accentuates their unique abilities. In 2006 he met the everso attractive Polish singer Agneiszka Swita. After some initial work together he announced the launch of "Caamora" and their collaboration on the monumental Sheproject scheduled for completion in the summer of 2007. A five-track EP illustrating the direction of their work, entitled Closer (Attic Records (UK) ATTIC001, 2006). If the EP is indicative of the work in progress, Clive has certainly found in Agneiszka an extremely promising and talented vocalist for Cammora and the She project.

Classically trained, Clive Nolan is a long-standing progressive rock music professional known to many enthusiasts worldwide for his work with bands such as Arena, Pendragon, Shadowlands, Strangers on a Train and collaborations such as those with Oliver Wakeman on Jabberwocky and Hound of the Baskervilles. Nolan worked with Tracy Hitchings on her solo album From Ignorance To Ecstacy and on the two Strangers On A Train albums and with Michelle Young on several projects, notably her solo album Marked For Madness. He is a long standing advocate of Musical Discoveries mission and helped plot the publication's original course.

The Closer EP opens with a new arrangement of "Half Moon Street," previously recorded by Shadowlands on the Through The Looking Glass album. Agneiszka's dramatic and powerful vocal adds a freshness to the dramatic track. Listeners will also find a reworked "Sacrifice" from Strangers On A Train's The Key , originally sung by Tracy Hitchings, on the EP. Agneiszka's version is equally dramatic but the singer's extensive range delivers an exquisite alternative that is certain to delight Strangers enthusiasts.

Three all-new tracks serve as an appetizer to their work as Caamora. Backed by Clive's piano melody and gentle keyboard washes, "A World Somewhere" is a lovely ballad that demonstrates Agneiszka's stunning voice both in range and control. "The Bonding" is a more robustly arranged upbeat number that, in addition to Clive Nolan (keyboards), and like "Half Moon Street" is accompanied by Mark Westwood (guitars), John Jowitt (bass) and Andy Edwards (drums). The singer soars atop the rocking progressive arrangement.

The EP concludes with the theatrical--think West End-ish--title track "Closer." Enthusiasts familiar with Nolan's Stranger On A Train recordings will immediately recognize the style of the track. Agnieszka's vocals rise emotionally above the piano-laden arrangement. The EP is available at the Caamora website.

Clive Nolan, Agnieszka Swita, Caamora and their new label promise an epic album and DVD. We are confident that they will certainly deliver an exciting and dramatic progressive rock box set later this year. At just over 23 minutes, "Closer" is brief, but excellent, and an EP that will certainly whet the appetites of those anxious for another main course from these talented artists.

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