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Walk On Water CD Cover
Image Metalmind Productions 2007

Agnieszka Swita and Clive Nolan are Caamora
Agnieszka Swita and Clive Nolan
performing in Rotherham, England
Image Caamora 2007

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(09 July 2007) The second EP from Agnieszka Swita and Clive Nolan but their first released as Caamora is entitled Walk On Water (Metalmind Productions (Poland) MASSCD DG 1017, 2007). It is a four-track collection to build interest in the She project, scheduled for release in early 2008. The Rock Opera version of the H Rider Haggard novelShe will be performed live and filmed for DVD in October 2007. The production will also feature vocal work of Magenta's Christina Booth.

Walk On Water includes material specially written for this release as well as the tracks "Shadows" and "Invisible" from the forthcoming full length album. Alongside Agnieszka Swita and Clive Nolan, the EP also includes guest performances by Mark Westwood (Neo) on guitar, John Jowitt (IQ) on bass and Scott Higham (ShadowKeep) on drums.

Clive Nolan's distinctive style is immediately evident on this new release. The EP opens with the title track, a glorious rocker from Nolan's archive, percussive keyboards performed in the Shadowlands style with vocals delivered evocatively by both Agnieszka Swita and Clive Nolan. The dramatic and powerfully performed track must be tremendous to see performed live. Mark Westwood's guitar solo during the instrumental bridge adds further excitement to this opener. The harmony vocals add to the quality of the production.

The first taste of the She project is "Shadows," that further exposes Agnieszka's vocal prowess and demonstrates Clive's passion for theatrically styled numbers. Rich harmony vocals and thick guitars perfectly compliment the symphonic keyboard passages.

"I Can See Your House From Here" is a new piece written specifically for this EP. It is a powerful guitar-laced rock number further demonstrating and highlighting Agnieszka's power, passion and range, the instrumentalists virtuousity and the oustanding production quality that can be expected from the project's future releases.

The EP concludes with "Invisible" also to feature on the forthcoming She project. Backed by electric piano, and even further exposing Agnieszka's vocal chops, she sings lead and contributes multiple, richly arranged, backing choral harmonies on this tenderly delivered ballad. The song is a powerful inducement to look out for the release of the full production in early 2008.

Caamora's Walk On Water EP has four great songs and provides an excellent second introduction to his work with this stunning vocalist and for the She project. The live performance in October gets closer each day.

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