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Paris Moon DVD/CD Set Cover
Image © Steamhammer/SPV
Minstrel Hall Music 2007

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Candice Night
Candice Night (lead vocals)
Image © Steamhammer/SPV
Minstrel Hall Music 2007

(03 February 2008) The latest installment from Blackmore's Night--a band centered on Richie Blackmore (Rainbow, Deep Purple) and his wife and stunning vocalist Candice Night--is entitled Paris Moon (SPV/Steamhammer (USA/Germany) SPV 98610 DVD+CD, 2007). The product includes a 20-track DVD of the band's live performance in Paris and an 11-track CD with selections from the DVD plus two bonus tracks.

The tracklist from the live show spans the band's entire repertoire dating back to their 1997 debut album and running through to current day. Videography is as stunning as the three digital audio streams in 5.1 dolby digital, 5.1 dts and 2.0 dolby stereo. Viewers and listeners alike are treated not only to the great songs from the band's earlier recordings, but also to exclusive solos by each of the players. Direction and production are equally superb in that the players are illustrated at their best. Close up shots of the lovely Candice Night are stunning. The band is dressed in their typical Renaissance regalia. Lighting perfectly suits the atmosphere of the concert. The Paris audience seriously engages in the gig as can be seen in the video footage.

As we go to press, we are informed that Candice Night will be making her feature film debut in House of Eternity, produced by New York City’s Fires at Midnight Films. Queensr˙che’s Geoff Tate will co-star in the film. For more information, visit the film's website.

Fires at Midnight Films has officially announced the start of preproduction on the supernatural thriller House of Eternity. The story revolves around the mysterious disappearance of Danielle Sykes and the desperate search that ensues amid the deep North Carolina woods. The search party, led by her husband, Jeremy, quickly discovers they are in no ordinary woods, but a terrifying haunting ground. And even as Jeremy desperately fights his way against impossible odds towards her, Danielle is locked in a mortal struggle to save her own soul.

Queensr˙che frontman Geoff Tate makes his long-awaited acting debut as Alder Grayson, the film’s antagonist, husband to Emily Grayson, portrayed by Candice Night. The movie will feature new music by Candice Night and Blackmore's Night. Fires at Midnight Films, LLC is a New York based independent production company formed in 2007 by J. Andrew Colletti and Jonathan Williams. House of Eternity marks the company’s first feature film production. Visit the production company's website.

While Blackmore's Night tours rather extensively, not all enthusiasts will have an opportunity to see their live show. The DVD, like their earlier DVDs provides a glimpse into their live show, and one that can be watched at home at one's own pace, over and over. The DVD/CD set is accompanied by a lovely booklet full of stunning photographs and complete lyrics for all of the musical selections on the DVD and CD. SPV have done a superb job in the packaging making this set a great gift for a current Blackmore's Night fan or yourself.

The CD is as well-produced as the DVD although our staff thought that more songs could have been included. The songs are as engaging on the CD as they are on the DVD. Listen to Candice tease them to participate at times altering lyrics to increase their musical arousal. The label kindly included two bonus tracks. These include a studio version of "The Village Lanterne" from the band's last album and the radio edit of "All Because of You" originally recorded on the Fires at Midnight album.

Blackmore's Night continue to build their repertoire, audience and musical depth at the conclusion of their tenth year performing together. And somehow Richy Blackmore and Candice Night show no signs of aging. Their latest DVD+CD release is a treasure to be enjoyed by all.

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