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While this website has become known for its in-depth album and concert reviews, the digest contains concise comments on new music our audience has either recommended or might enjoy. Click on album covers or label names for links to further information. Click on the title to view the article.

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(16 February 2008 ) Clive and Agnieszka first met in February 2005. The gelled immediately and discussed the possibility of working together. In March, Agnieszka returned to England from Poland and recorded some material with Clive. This included what became the first song written for the project. As a result of this session, they decided to form Caamora. Over the next two years material for the She project was written and developed. For such a large-scale project, this represented a lot of music and lyrics.

Says Clive Nolan, "The demo songs were recorded with Agnieszka testing out all of the vocals. This gradually helped to give us an overall picture of the opera." During this time the duo decided to take their music out on tour. The She project has always been a long-term plan, and they were eager to get out and spread the word. During the later part of 2006, Caamora, with Swita singing atop Nolan's piano playing, toured Europe to a warm reception. They then headed out to South America with some very successful gigs in Chile and Argentina.

Caamora's Closer EP (review) was released in Autumn 2006 and featured back catalogue material written by Clive, as well as some new material from the She project. The music was arranged and recorded specifically for this limited release. The success of the EP led to a series of concerts in Poland. Agnieszka Swita says, "We never expected such enthusiasm!" We hadn't prepared for three encores nearly every night."

Upon returning to England, recording began on more Caamora material continuing to develop the full album. Meanwhile demand for Caamora on tour had grown and dates were being booked for Portugal and Canada, and returning to some familiar countries. In June 2007, Caamora's second EP Walk On Water (review) was released. This EP was the first to introduce the Caamora guest lineup and included contributions from Mark Westwood on guitar, John Jowitt on bass and Scott Higham on drums.

The She album was recorded in the summer of 2007. Caamora returned in mid-January 288 with a third EP entitled Embrace the final step announcing the premiere of the epic production of She The EP is a teaser of what listeners can expect from She and Caamora provided a good quality mp3 download of the track for free for eager listeners. The special release includes four alternative versions of songs to be featured on the full-length She.

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