Kristy Thirsk

Kristy Thirsk

Musical Discoveries: Can you fill us in on what you've been doing since the last Sleepthief album?

Kristy Thirsk: I have done a song with Matt Darey for his Urban Astronaughts album, as well an acoustic track for Delerium's upcoming acoustic album as well as my full length solo album, which is done basically but just needs to be mixed.

How did your participation in the last album influence your career?

I suppose it may have introduced some new fans to my other music. I'm not sure. It's been fun though!

How did you get involved with this Sleepthief album?

My friend Shelley Harland did a track and I thought it was really good and that's how I hooked up with Justin.

What were your responsibilities?

I wrote the melody and lyrics and did some vocal production, which is what I usually do on most guest vocal tracks.

Can you tell us about the production process?

I always find it fun to get a music composition and have it be ready for vocals and I am used to writing either with someone from start to finish or writing the entire song myslef. It makes me come from a different perspective. Less pressure, in a way for some reason.

What do you think contributes to the immense popularity of Sleepthief's music?

That it can appeal to a wide audience and age group.

What can you tell us about your live performances?

I always love performing live so I will do it every chance I get. This is where I feel most comfortable and the reason I keep on doing this music thing. Of course I most enjoy perfoming my own songs live and am looking forward to that, but it is always fun to be a guest performer in other projects.

What else is occupying your time these days?

Kristy Thirsk  

Right now my baby girl is taking up ALL my time and I hope soon I can get back into the swing of things and get to doing more music stuff.

Other than that I like to see my friends and family, I exercise regularly and there are always passing interests that I start and stop.

I would like to go back to school and get a degree. That's my next goal. We'll see how soon it happens with baby though!!

What do you think of FaceBook and MySpace?

Personally I have not noticed a huge difference with all these online avenues, but that is probably because I am not utilizing them correctly.

I need a manager! I'm really bad at that stuff.

What else would you like to say to our readers?

Keep supporting publications like this and keep supporting the artists you love because it is really hard to keep putting music out without support from fans. Without a a big label behind you, as an artist, it costs a lot of money and time. So no stealing music! We work very hard to get it out there even if we don't make any money from it.

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