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Live at Bloodstock Openair - 24 June 2005

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After the triumphs of the Storms over still Water album launch a couple of short weeks earlier, Mostly Autumn tried something equally daunting--playing the Friday night of an outdoor heavy metal festival at the beginning of a typical British summer. Torrential rain during the day had given way to steady drizzle by the early evening, leading to a smallish crowd. Furthermore, over-runs in the sets of previous bands had left Mostly Autumn's set squeezed, and there was no time for any sort of sound check.

It was gratifying, therefore, to see the band coping with these typical festival problems with utter professionalism, playing a rocked up 40 minute set of eight songs, including two pieces from Storms which seem to be fitting in well to the set. The metal audience seemed to respond particularly well to the dynamics of "Evergreen," while the entire band--coping with onstage monitor problems well--seemed to adapt to the difficult conditions and play beautifully. Heather, in particular, sang her heart out and looked stunning in a metal-influenced leather outfit.

As for the festival itself, we have previously been very impressed by the Bloodstock organisation, and this first outdoor incarnation, despite a few onstage teething problems and some terrible weather, seemed well organised, and promised a much better crowd for the Saturday. Let's hope it continues next year. The indoor event, which visitors will be interested to know is to be headlined by Within Temptation, with After Forever and Season's End also appearing, takes place on 2-3 September 2005.

Setlist: "Out of the Green Sky," "Caught in a Fold," "Dark Before the Dawn," "Answer the Question," "Evergreen," "Simple Ways," "Black Rain," "Never the Rainbow."

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