Mostly Autumn
Live at the Mean Fiddler
London England
30 June 2001
Concert Review

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Classic Rock Legends

Surrounded by no less than a dozen video cameras and an equally impressive array of audio kit, Mostly Autumn played two sets to a crowd of over 400 at the Mean Fiddler. The well-played concert was recorded for a DVD due out this September on the Classic Rock Legends label. Songs played before the break were taken primarily from the band's first two albums; those after included tracks from the band's current album, The Last Bright Light (review). Heather Findlay and lead guitarist Bryan Josh both contribute lead vocals to the band's extensive repertoire.

Mostly Autumn blends the progressive rock sounds of bands like Pink Floyd with modern interpretations of otherwise traditionally oriented Celtic numbers. Instrumentals "Which Wood," "Helms Deep," "Out of the Inn" and a stunning encore perfectly illustrated the band's virtuousity and depth while providing an excellent platform for Angela Goldthorpe's flute, whistle and recorder to come to the fore, with Heather joining along with whistle, recorder, acoustic guitar, bodhran and other percussion as well.

Heather was in especially fine form, captivating the loyal audience throughout the performance. Her first set outfit enticed us to marvel over her vocal and physical training and allowed us to witness just how her body performs when she sings. Heather has truly mastered the stagecraft; her dynamic lead in the first on-stage performance of "Never The Rainbow" and sensual vocal delivery during the band's ballad-style passages were especially memorable.

Often beginning quietly before developing into a rocking instrumental, they band played classics "Winter Mountain," "Heroes Never Die," and "The Spirt of Autumn Past" to widespread acclaim. The band's latest Celtic-oriented rocker "Dark Before The Dawn" blends Bryan Josh's lead vocal and excellent guitar with Heather and Angela's backing vocals and their whistle and flute parts in the chorus. Iain Jennings' symphonic keyboards and Liam Davison's rhythm guitar passages were rhythmically supported by Jonathon Blackmore's crisply-played drum parts and Andy Smith's dramatic bass stage performance.

Guest backing vocalists--Rachel Jones from Karnataka, Gina Dootson and Marc Atkinson--joined the band for three numbers in the second set. The additional harmonies in "Shrinking Violet" and "Never the Rainbow" were lovely but subdued in comparison to the robust choral quality achieved in "Mother Nature."

The two-hour peformance drew widespread applause throughout and concluded with a thunderous audience response. The forthcoming DVD will delight current enthusiasts and further expand the band's following with the widespread distribution planned for its Mostly Autumn release!

Mostly Autumn's back catalog includes albums For All We Shared and Spirit of Autumn Past (review). Find further reviews, information, soundbites on these and the band's latest release The Last Bright Light at here.

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