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Although you'll find numerous links throughout the reviews within this webspace, here are some valuable links to internet-based resources within our closest network. Links to slide shows are provided at the bottom of this page.
Classic Rock Society
CRS - based in Rotherham, England - is dedicated to promoting the growth of all classic and progressive rock music with a particular focus on new and up-and-coming bands. Female vocalists performing for CRS audiences and receiving their Best Of The Year awards are interviewed by Musical Discoveries.

Classical Crossover
The definitive source for classical crossover artists is maintained by editor Nicola Jarvis from the United Kingdom. An entire section is devoted to female vocalists with individual pages that contain further details about each artist and links to their various internet resources. Up-and-coming female vocalists are reviewed and interviewed by Musical Discoveries.

Friend 2 Friend
Gifted Dutch photographer Joseph Voncken has a unique talent for capturing stunning images of female vocalists. These features (1 | 2) include his photographs of Anouk, Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation), Floor Jansen (After Forever), Dilana Smith, Heather Nova and many other vocalists reviewed at Musical Discoveries.

An online store with various selections of viola brands from professional violas to student and beginner violas. They also sell other instruments such as violins, cellos, and double basses.

Addicted To Songwriting
A resource for information about the music industry, including tips and articles about record deals, major and indie labels, music biz attorneys, managers, producers, and more.

Morpheus Music
UK-based website that features all that's best in worldbeat, electronica and ambient. News, reviews, interviews and suggested artists and CDs for further listening. Annual best of the past year awards presented each January.

Sonic Cathedral
An evolving on-line resource for female-fronted progressive and metal-edged rock recordings reviewed at Musical Discoveries.

Dutch Progressive Rock Page
A well-maintained and comprehensive source of album and concert reviews, band pages and further guides for progressive rock enthusiasts.

Dedicated to the discovery of new and under-appreciated artists their compilation albums include tracks by artists reviewed at Musical Discoveries such as Kristy Thirsk, Daughter Darling, Hungry Lucy, Jody Quine, Nicola Hitchcock, Harland, Lunascape and Sleepthief.

Website of photographer Phil Mulvaney dedicated to progressive rock bands especially those featuring female vocalists. There are photo galleries of Breathing Space, The Reasoning, Flamborough Head, Karnataka, Landmarq, Leaves Eyes, Mostly Autumn, Magenta and White Willow.

Miriam Stockley
Up-to-date information on new solo projects, work with Adiemus and contributions to major motion picture soundtracks join soundbites and images. Her wide vocal range and musical depth is illustrated in a complete discography.

Northern Lights - The Renaissance Website
The definitive Renaissance website complete with extensive band history, discography, lots of reviews, the latest news on the individual band members and more.

The Official Renaissance Website
Launched in 2010 to support the partially reunited band's touring schedule and new recordings, this is the first official Renaissance website. Lineup information, tour schedule, online store, online music, abbreviated discography and history with background imagery painted by Annie Haslam.

Annie Haslam
Official website for Classic Rock Society best female vocalist award winner and column writer; formerly the lead vocalist of Renaissance, the latest news of her solo career is kept here.

Renaissance, Yes and Genesis fans will be enthralled with the rapidly emerging progressive rock ensemble fronted by the CRS award winning lead vocalist Christina Booth.

Mermaid Kiss
Their music combines Celtic, ambient, classic and progressive rock influences. Certain to appeal to Karnataka and Clannad enthusiasts, the group originally fronted by the multi-talented Evelyn Downing is always working on fresh material.

Slide Shows
These slide shows open in a new browser window and are comprised of selected photographs by our regular correspondents:
Female Vocalist Collage 2002-2004 (JV)
Mostly Autumn and Karnataka 2002 (CJW)
Magenta July 2003 (CJW)
Sleeping Giant July 2003 (CJW)
Karnataka December 2003 (CJW)
Mermaid Kiss December 2003 (CJW)
Magenta March 2004 (CJW)
Magenta April 2004 (SL)
Magenta April 2004 (CJW)
After Forever at PinkPop June 2004 (JV)
Mostly Autumn April-May 2004 (SL)
Karnataka Crewe May 2004 (CJW)
Karnataka Crewe May 2004 (SL)
Mermaid Kiss Crewe May 2004 (CJW)
Mermaid Kiss Crewe May 2004 (SL)
Karnataka Bilston May 2004 (CJW)
Within Temptation September-October 2004 (JV)
Magenta Cardiff September 2004 (SL)
Bloodstock Nottingham/Derby September 2004 (SL)
GuilFest Guildford Surrey July 2004 (SL)
Magenta progSfest Corsham October 2004 (SL)
The Dreaming The Tralf November 2004
Magenta ROSfest, Phoenixville, PA and Rotherham April-May 2005 (SL)
Mostly Autumn Live Spring 2005 (SL)
Epica and Within Temptation Pinkpop, Landgraaf, Megaland, The Netherlands 14-16 May 2005 (JV)
Within Temptation Bospop, Weert, The Netherlands 2-3 July 2005 (JV)
GuilFest, Guildford, Surrey 15-17 July 2005 (SL)
Epica, Booch Festival Heerlen, The Netherlands 15 August 2005 (JV)
Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, England 27-28 August 2005 (SL)
Leaves' Eyes and Octavia Sperati, The Charlotte, Leicester 25 September 2005 (SL)
Female Voices of Metal Festival, Oktoberhallen, Wieze, Belgium 22 October 2005 (SL)
Stream Of Passion, Classic Rock Society, Rotherham, England 28 January 2006 (SL)
Charlotte Martin, Jammin' Java, Vienna, VA 22 March 2006 (DJE)
Stream Of Passion, Bospop, Sportpark, Boshoven, Weert, The Netherlands, 08 July 2006 (JV)
Wychwood Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, England 2-4 June 2006 (SL)
GuilFest, Guildford, Surrey, England 14-16 July 2006 (SL)
Greenbelt Festival, Cheltenham Racecourse, England 25-28 August 2006 (SL)
After Forever, Booch Festival, Herleen, The Netherlands 27 August 2006 (JV)
Summers End Festival, The Robin 2, Bilston, Wolverhampton, England 30 Sep-01 Oct 2006 (SL)
Magenta, NEARfest, Zoellner Arts Center, Bethlehem, PA 23 June 2007 (SL)
Within Temptation, Zaterdag, The Netherlands 26 May 2007 (JV)
Epica, Conincx Pop, Elsloo, The Netherlands 30 June 2007 (JV)
Epica, Pinkpop, Megaland, Langraaf, The Netherlands 28 May 2010 (JV)

Many additional links are available within Musical Discoveries review and featured artist pages.

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