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Feature articles and in-depth reviews of the latest albums by contemporary, progressive and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based and snail mail resources are typically included. Click on the title to view the article.

Digest Reviews
Celtic and World
Contemporary Crossover
2002 - River Of Stars
Adiemus - The Eternal Knot
Aeone - The Woman's Touch | Point of Faith
Alkaemy - The Merlin Mystery
Anael - [Entire Catalog]
Magda Angelica - [Entire catalog] [with interview]
Gabrielle Angelique - Dance with the Stars [with interview]
An�na - Essential An�na, Cynara, An�na 2002 [with interviews]
AtmAsfera - [Entire catalog] [with interview]
Balligomingo - Beneath The Surface [with nine interviews, including all seven female vocalists]
Colette Baron-Reid - Magdalene's Garden [with interview]
Colette Baron-Reid - I Am / Grace [with interview]
Bel Canto - [Entire Catalog]
Bliss - A Hundred Thousand Angels and Bliss
M�ire Brennan - Whisper To The Wild Water
Moya Brennan - Two Horizons
Blaq Lily - Blaq Lily and Promised Land
Brigid Boden - Brigid Boden and Innocence Is Not A Crime
Capercaillie - Dusk Till Dawn The Best of Capercaillie
Capercaillie - Glenfinnan (Songs Of The '45)
Capercaillie - Nadurra
Capercaillie - The Capercaillie Collection 1990-1996 [DVD]
Ceredwen - Legend Of The Celts and The Golden Land
Charlie - Vision
Crannog - The Deepest Pool
Cara Dillon - Cara Dillon and Sweet Liberty [with interview]
Elane - The Fire Of Glenvore [with interview]
Enya - A Day Without Rain
Equation - Return To Me
F.R.E.U.D. - Time Passengers
Gjallarhorn - Sjofn
Gypsy Soul - [Entire Catalog]
Ronan Hardiman / Leslie Dowdall - Anthem
Caroline Lavelle - Brilliant Midnight [with interview]
Caroline Lavelle - A Distant Bell [with interview]
Lunascape - [Entire Catalog]
Mae McKenna - Nightfallers
Mae McKenna - Mirage and Reality
Mae McKenna - Shore To Shore
Loreena McKennitt - Nights From The Alhambra [with interview]
Rebecca Pidgeon - The Raven, The New York Girls' Club and Four Marys
Eimear Quinn - Through The Lens Of A Tear
Philip Riley and Jayne Elleson - The Blessing Tree
Helma Sawatzky - Fragile and Seasons of Grace
Paul Schwartz and Lisbeth Scott - State of Grace
Seelyhoo - Leetera
Shankar & Gingger - One In A Million and Celestial Body [with exclusive Gingger interview]
Sleepthief - The Dawnseeker [with twelve exclusive interviews, including all eleven female vocalists]
Sleepthief - Labyrinthine Heart [with eight exclusive interviews, including all eight female vocalists]
Sun Palace - Into Heaven
ZaZa - Primal Whispers, Nights One and A Thousand, Book Of Kings
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