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Rachael Sage

The Blistering Sun

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Last updated: 12 March 2006

The mood-setting Cyber Cafe West in Binghamton, New York was the location for a superb performance by the magnificent chanteuse Rachael Sage on February 4, 2006. The venue is the epitomy of the coffee house atmosphere, with nearly a capacity crowd enjoying their glasses of wine or Friends-style jumbo cup coffees. The low stage enabled the performers close proximity with the welcoming audience.

The evening started off with a forty-five minute set by the mystical sounding Atoosa. She performed some enchanting songs on acoustic guitar and on keyboards. While the crowd enjoyed her music, they were certainly ready for the appearance of the inimitable Rachael Sage.

The lovely, sparkling and captivating Rachael appeared on stage in a sequined blue tank top over a fish-net top with a black petticoat-like skirt over jeans. She immediately began her repartee with the audience as she fine-tuned her keyboards in a mini sound check. Rachael is certainly at home on stage and her flamboyant personality comes shining through. She sings with strength and clarity, mesmerizing her listeners.

The Blistering Sun
Image © Mpress Records 2006


On this tour, she is accompanied by her drummer Dean Sharp, string bassist Todd Sickafoose and featured trumpet player Russ Johnson. She performed many songs from her new album, The Blistering Sun (MPress Records (USA) PR636302, 2006). The set was filled her dynamic and powerful renditions ranging from folky to R&B and jazz inspired numbers. During the show, she did have a brief intermission.

When she reappeared on stage, she donned a glittering, sequined Union Jack tank top and shiny black form fitting pants. The second half of the show included more spectacular songs from her new album. Rachael showed her human side with a couple of memory slips in the lyrics, but she recovered easily.

Some standout songs from the gig include the sassy and self-assured "Alright, OK" and the energy driven "Featherwoman." The snazzy "Hit Song" was infused with pure jazz instrumentals backing Rachael's captivating spoken word. "Burning Witch" was also a highlight with her sultry, dynamic vocal delivery.

After the show, we did have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Rachael one-on-one. She commented that she's done many gigs at the Cyber Cafe West and enjoys the intimacy of this venue. There were some familiar faces in the crowd that tend to follow her career closely. Rachael also said that she enjoys playing the larger venues as well, like when she opened for Judy Collins. She said she was a bit more nervous in a bigger arena, but she loves to play to the crowd. Rachael treats the large and small audiences the same, with her distinctive personality bursting through.

  Rachael Sage
Rachael Sage On Stage: Image © Dan Locke 2003

When asked if she had any regrets not pursuing ballet, she said that the main reason she left ballet was at her parents' behest. Her parents wanted her to go to college and she was glad she did further her education. She has an insatiable appetite for reading, although she doesn't get to read as much as she'd like due to her hectic schedule.

She finds much of her inspiration through reading and everyday life's lessons. She described being at synagogue for the High Holy Days when during a tedious sermon by the Rabbi, she found a story in her prayerbook about Chaya Feldman. She said that she was so taken by this tragic story, she composed "93 Maidens" immediately in her mind.

Rachael does have other passions besides her music, including her love of arts and crafts. She is an extremely creative individual, and her painting, embroidering and craft work is another fabulous outlet for her multi-talents. Her artistic sense comes across easily in her songs, hobbies and her personality and demeanor.

Throughout her performance, Rachael emanates warmth and wittiness balanced with tenacity in her expert vocal deliveries. Her New York chic blended with an easy-going attitude ingratiates her with the audience. Rachael has an amazing personal style that stands out in her show. She is as colorful and super-heroine-esque in person as her cover art on her new album. Rachael Sage has incredible talent, stage presence and beauty that will certainly blow you away.

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