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Painting Of A Painting
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Painting Of A Painting
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(13 April 2001) The latest album from Rachael Sage, entitledPainting Of A Painting (Mpress Records (USA) mp5454-2, 2001), is astunning addition to her catalog (feature). Rachael is supported bya variety of musicians on the new album, comprised of thirteen adultalternative female vocal tracks. Allusions to Tori Amos, Kate Bush andAni DiFranco may still be made, but Rachael charts her own territory on this stunning new album. After a wonderful launch concert in NYC,Rachael has just begun her 2001 European Tour.

Lush instrumentation provides a solid foundation for theevocatively delivered lead vocals, with harmonies multi-tracked at times. The heartfelt and warmly sung ballad "Cyanide & Cinnamon" opens the album--a dynamic instrumental bridge is especially noteworthy."Satellite" is a moving sensually sung upbeat track. We were especially stricken by the contrast between the almost spoken jazzy style verses and the highly melodic and accessible--soaring in spots--choruses of "Better From Mars" and "Seraphim Smile." It is typical for Rachael to sing with tremendous emotion and the verses of "Pictures They Took" and "Among All Of God's Creatures" are no exception. Instrumentals in the choruses are rich while the vocals are heavily layered and stunning.

A bit jazzier and more upbeat, the catchy title track "Painting Of A Painting" is performed dramatically with crisp percussion, lush instrumentation and heartfelt vocal splendour. "Footsteps" is similarlyconstructed while "Underflow," "Apology" and almost spoken "Grace" are evocatively sung ballads with richly arranged choruses. The dramatic "Precious" is arranged similar to "Better From Mars" and "Seraphim Smile." The album concludes with "I Guess" a moderate tempo trackwrenched with emotion and a lovely soaring vocal chorus, recognisablefrom an earlier release by someone else. The fourteenth bonus trackis a final heartfelt ballad sung over the lightest piano accompaniment.

The latest album from Rachael Sage is a blend of hearfeltballads and uptempo adult alternative rock tracks. Artwork accompanyingthe compact disc is equally enjoyable. Read further reviewsand hear soundbites at her website or visit amazon.com to order a copyThe latest album by Rachael Sage further charts her artistic developmentand stunning vocal talent. Like her earlier albums (feature) her new album PaintingOf A Painting is a very nice listen!

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