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Musical Discoveries Applauds Ohm Speakers!

Our headquarters has been outfitted with Ohm (www.ohmspeaker.com) speakers for almost 40 years. Our Ohm D2s came from Tech HiFi in Ithaca, NY. In 1999, we added Ohm Walsh 200 MK IIs and sent the D2s to serve as the rear channel. Ohm has just perfected the sound quality of a Walsh-based center channel speaker and we were among the first to receive one, and it sounds incredible. A new Ohm subwoofer and a pair of Ohm C2s joined our ensemble at the same time displacing the D2s to front wide channel duties. The D2s' woofers were also upgraded to the same standard of our new C2s. We're proud to endorse Ohm speakers here and encourage other audiophiles to seek them out soon.

(10 June 2015)

Posted by Russ Elliot

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