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An ever-growing list of changes made to, and futherplans for, Musical Discoveries. Also check out thelatest news on our Featured Artists!

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Musical Discoveries Listening Studio Updates.

Our speaker line saw an incredible improvement in September replacing 15 year old Monster to Cardas Clear Light cables connecting our Ohm Walsh mains and center channel and Cardas TwinLink to our Ohm C2 and D2 surrounds.

This month's headphone amplifier comparison conducted on site with long time correspondent Ben Moore revealed that our (now former) Sennheiser HDVD-800 sounded like a tin can vs the Quad PA One. The AudioQuest Nighthawk vs Audeze LCD-3 A/B comparison revealed outstanding performance from both headphones but we still preferred the balanced sound of our Audeze. A final comparison between stock, Cardas Clear and plusSound Echo+ headphone cables was also made.

We again turned to Vu Phan at Hi-End Audio (Plano, TX) to upgrade our headphone line to the Quad PA One amplifier and Cardas Clear headphone cable. Click "view entry separately" for further details.

Musical Discoveries Listening Studio

  • Primary Media: Marantz UD-7007 Universal Player. Synology DS415play NAS w/Western Digital Red 3TB (x2) 4TB (x2) HDD.
  • Headphone Line: AudioQuest Water XLR->Quad PA One*->Cardas Clear*->Audeze LCD-3.
  • Speaker Line: AudioQuest Yukon RCA*->Marantz SR-7007->Cardas Clear Light*->Ohm Walsh 200 MK II main and Ohm Walsh 1000 center; AudioQuest Boxer*->Ohm 12" microSubwoofer.
  • Surround: Cardas TwinLink->Ohm C2 and Ohm D2 Surround.
  • Portable Headphone Line: iPod Nano->VorzKabel->Vorzuge VorzAMP Pure II+->Cardas Clear*>Audeze LCD-3.
  • System Power: AudioQuest Edison*->AudioQuest NRG-4*->IsoTek EVO 3 Sirius*->AudioQuest NRG-4* (x3).

    * Source: Hi-End Audio.

Musical Discoveries Favorite Brands

  • AudioQuest (interconnect cables)
  • Cardas Audio (speaker/headphone cables)
  • Ohm (speakers)
  • (24 October 2015)

    Posted by Russ Elliot

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