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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Debra Davis Angels In The Attic CD Cover
Image © 1999 \r\nD3 Records/Farren Music America  

Yes, she's very attractive—but no, it's not Jenny Garth (90210) or Austrailian singer songwriter Merrill Bainbridge. Debra Davis is a Los Angeles based singer songwriter with a BA in Journalism. Her debut album released in 1998 entitled Uninvited Guests as well as the brand new CD Angels In The Attic (D3 Records (USA) FMA0034).have both received widespread airplay and critical acclaim in the printed media. You can order it from amazon.com. Her earlier album Uninvited Guests can also be orderedfrom amazon.com. Listen to soundbites at hermp3.com website.

Debra has a huge following of fans, including a lot of kids, due to thepositive and very real vibe of the music. Debra's songs have been featured in Dawson's Creek ("Angels In The Attic" in Episode #217, "PsychicFriends"), Lifetime TV's Beyond Chance (hosted by Melissa Etheridge)and various films and on radio nationwide. The album was produced by Dave Beyer, who drummed for years for Melissa Etherdige, with select tracks produced by Mark Cross (Sheryl Crow, Bill Bottrell). Debra has a dynamic band of powerful musicians. She is a storyteller, and her songs touch something in all of us; she is even holding the Angel Story Competition for kids, sponsored by Reading is Fundamental, to support the promotion of her new album.

Songs from the album are upbeat and the frequently catchy melodies move right along. Best characterised as potent, heartfelt, pop/rock music that hits deep, it's like Joni Mitchell meets Sheryl Crow, rooted in Carole King. Debra's voice is sweet and pretty and the songs are highly accessible without too many instrumental riffs, although there are a few improvisational excursions (in "Enemy" and "Childhood" for example). Multi-tracked vocals add to the depth of the gently rocking "In Your Pocket".The acoustic guitar and pretty vocals on "I Don't Wanna Be That Cools" arereminiscent of the title track. Instrumentals build to make the track highly memorable and a certain favourite.

The album's ballads are most illustrative of Debra's vocal abilities. They include the bluesy "Begin Again," "Where Does It Hurt," the sensitive "I Am Home" and almost country sounding "The Way Things Used To Be." "Walking With Grace" which closes the album is the slowest and lightest of the ballads. While some might compare Debra's vocals to Stevie Nicks, we certainly don't hear it to the extent of Janice Grube with Watsonville Patio. Certainly a lovely album for fans of alternative rock music with female vocals, this album is a nice listen.

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