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Claudine - Wrestling Consciousness - CD Cover
image © www.claudinemusic.com 2011

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image © www.claudinemusic.com 2011

(23 October 2011) Much to the elation of fans around the world, San Francisco-based music artist Claudine has released her highly anticipated debut album Wrestling Consciousness (www.claudinemusic.com (USA) 8 84501 57554 6, 2011). The album's fifteen tracks run an hour span rock, pop and ballads demonstrating Claudine's singing and songwriting chops. Her sound combines the sensibilities of Pink and Pat Benatar. The artist is here to prove that good old fashioned rock music, with lyrics that explore the depths of the good, the bad and the ugly in life, isn't exclusively for the boys.

Says Claudine, "My album spans a period of time in my life where I was searching to find my own value and purpose and I am writing from a place, sharing some of those in my life who have made a strong impact, left their mark, if you will. We all have our journey, and though we may travel on different roads, we often share the same shoes as we experience similar perspectives in the human condition. My hope is that my fans can feel as though they are not alone, and that they may connect or find themselves in my lyrics, and in my music."

Claudine’s vocal performances are powered by natural talent along with life experience that she vividly brings to the stage. Her lineup further defines her message: Isaac Bolivar is on lead guitar with a memorizing touch on his strings, a young, yet seasoned talent, has toured with Taking Back Sunday, a Warner Brothers act that has played for tens of thousands of fans worldwide.

Claudine is also supported by another bay area great, Jason Wall, on drums; endorsed by both Pearl drums, and Zildjian cymbals, who always takes command while seated behind his kit, playing with power, precision, and a distinct energy that is infectious. Mark Kenoly, who has been on the music scene for many years and has a Grammy nomination under his belt, not only produces Claudine’s music, but also performs bass, adding texture and depth to every piece. The band members work as an ensemble to further define Claudine's sound.

With diverse subject matter is explored in Claudine's songs, one wonders where her inspiration is derived. She says, "I am inspired by a number of things; something as simple as a single word, an image or photograph, a phrase, or an emotion. It can come from the work of other artists that I admire, and event or experience in my own life, or even one that has been shared, and remains with me."

The album's rock numbers include the stunning opener "Vice," "All I Want" with its raunchy electric guitar line and the thickly arranged "In The Ruins." Claudine's voice is everso powerful. Electric guitars dominate the arrangements in the memorable tracks "Don't Make A Sound," "You" and "The Battle Rages On." Sensible pop tunes like the standout "If I Ran To You," its bookend "Clouds," "Come On Over" and "Play Me" are accessible, memorable, sung well and arranged in a radio-friendly format.

And in contrast, Claudine also delivers some outstanding ballads that include the crunchy "Bleeding Hearts" and "Fallen Angel" both accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar. Her vocal work is as evocative in her ballads as powerful in the rock tunes. Keyboard washes join acoustic guitar in "Stay" while Claudine's stunning rendition "Hallelujah" is stripped back to vocals and acoustic guitar alone. The concluding track on the album, "I Will Learn" is a pop-oriented ballad accompanied by light electric guitar and keyboard washes that perfectly illustrates Claudine's vocal prowess.

To accompany the the release of Wrestling Consciousness, Claudine will release a music video for the ballad "If I Ran To You." There are actually two filmed versions of the song, and she is asking fans to choose the one that they like the best! She plans to do a little touring on the west cost to support the album's release.

Claudine's album is packaged in a tri-fold digipack with a glossy finish and stunning photos of the musicians. Preview the entire album at Claudine's BandCamp page.Claudine has a bright future in store. Her new album will surely expand her audience and bring her the acclaim she has earned.

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