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The Debbie Miller - Measures + Waits - EP Cover Artwork
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\r\nimage © The Debbie Miller 2012

Debbie Miller - Fake Love - CD Cover Artwork
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image © The Debbie Miller 2010

Debbie Miller
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image © The Debbie Miller 2012


(18 March 2012) Seattle-based singer/songwriter Debbie Miller will tug at your heart, cause you giggle, and make you think twice about crossing her, sometimes all during the same song. Blending humor with heart-wrenching honesty, Miller's unique lyrics and playful melodies capture and delight audiences from coast to coast. Debbie's self-released debut album Fake Love drew critical acclaim in 2010. Her new six-track EP Measures & Waits (The Debbie Miller (USA), 2012) is her second offering.

Debbie is a classically trained pianist who studied under a Julliard alumna for ten years. She also has a very pure and crystalline voice. The artist began her career in the Brooklyn and East Village music scenes in 2007, after singing backup with friend and fellow songwriter Shanna Zell. The thrill of that experience inspired the New York native to begin writing her own songs, and, after penning the tune "Fake Love," was encouraged by friends and peers to continue writing. Debbie's song topics range from love to bathroom graffiti and her music oscillates flawlessly between heartfelt ballads, folk-ish tunes on guitar and pounding numbers on the piano.

Debbie was offered her first official gig in 2008. She was still so new the scene that she didn't have enough material to fill an entire set. So she wrote more, including the crowd favorite "Snippets From A Bathroom Stall." A live version appears on Measures + Waits.

Released in May 2010, Fake Love was recorded in 2009 at Sound Slope by Greg Coladarci (bass, percussion, guitar), Fake Love features both symphonic and delicate moments; with Jeremiah Birnbaum (guitar), Madeleine Craw-Corliss (cello), and Fred Kennedy (drums). A catchy, cinematic account from an innovative singer/songwriter, the album was selected as a CDBaby favorite.

With quirky lyrics that teeter between honesty, seriousness and silliness, Debbie -- who was named "New York’s best kept secret" by ResidentMediaPundit -- has developed a reputation for her unique live shows, which are often highlighted by her propensity for error. Debbie says, "I always mess up somehow in a live show. Whether I forget the words, screw up the music, or fall off the stage -- true story."

These "Debbie Do-overs" have become fan favorites. She continues, "I think it’s because people respond to authenticity and honesty in art and performance." Never overly serious, Fake Love actually ends with a funny bonus track that showcases a Debbie Do-over at its best.

We are told Debbie's new EP Measures + Waits is a play on the phrase "Weights & Measures.” The disc is about the toils of measuring and waiting for love. Debbie told us, "The 'measuring' refers to quantifying all the little or big things that make up life." She continues, "Specifically in the song 'Inch by Inch,' which talks about measuring the physical things you have with someone and rationing out the time you spend with that person, because you never know when that time is going to end."

The new EP was recorded at The Creamery Studio in Brooklyn, and engineered by Jon Hildenstein in August 2011. Produced and mixed by Greg Coladarci, the six-track EP features Jeremiah Birnbaum (guitar, mandolin), Greg Coladarci (bass, percussion, guitar), Jon Hildenstein (bass, percussion), Amanda Gookin (cello), Fred Kennedy (drums), and Leah Goldstein (lead vocals, backing vocals).

In addition to the stunning first single (available for free download from Debbie's site for a limited time), four of the tracks on Measures + Waits are studio recordings. Her piano laden songs are clearly in the singer songwriter territory. Listeners won't find the more richly arranged tracks from Fake Love on the new EP.

In contrast to the studio tracks, the final song is a live recording. "Snippets from a Bathroom Stall" -- perhaps included as the Debbie Do-Over of the new EP -- gives listeners far and wide a glimpse into the experience of a live evening with [The] Debbie Miller performing on stage.

Debbie Miller has performed at The Living Room, Rockwood Music Hall, Bar 4 and Café Vivaldi in New York City. In Seattle she's graced the stages of the Fremont Abbey, Conor Byrne Pub, and JewelBox Theater at the Rendezvous. The release of Measures + Waits will be celebrated at the Columbia City Theater. Listen to Debbie Miller today.

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