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Aria Tesolin EP - CD Cover
image © Aria Tesolin 2012  

(26 August 2012) A rapidly emerging female vocalist from Canada named Aria Tesolin knows how to light up a room with her signature soprano voice. The very attractive young woman writes and performs music with an alluring mix of original love songs in a pop-classical meets adult contemporary style, Aria conjures the romance, glamour and beauty of yesterday's timeless crooner songs, reinterpreted for a modern time.

Aside from an album recorded at age 12 in 2006, a three track self-titled, independently released EP today comprises her most recently recorded output. Aria is currently completing her signature album of original songs, many of these self-written and composed by the artist and has plans to release the project before the end of 2012. She has also carved a notable presence on the spoken word scene. Also a published literary poet, Aria crafts a uniquely storied lyrical universe with a distinctively original sound.

The arrangements for two of the songs on the EP, "Dolce" and "The Key," were done by Douglas Romanow, a renowned producer / performer from Toronto. The third track, "Now That I Know" was arranged by Charles DiRaimondo, an opera singer, pianist and orchestra instructor. When performing live, Aria is backed by a lineup comprised of: Gino Del Sole (guitar); Jeremy Ledbetter (piano, keyboard); Max Senitt (drums); Ben Miller (bass); and Reg Schwager (jazz guitar).

Aria's EP opens with "Dolce," a delicate love ballad that serves as an outstanding introduction to the range of the singer's talent. Arrangements perfectly support Aria's crystalline vocals.

"Now That I Know" is a love tune that would be perfectly at home in a Broadway or West End musical. It is wonderfully performed and serves to illustrate a second dimension of Aria's stunning vocal talent.

The pop-operatic song "The Key" completes the EP. Most upbeat of the three recordings on the artist's current release, the sound is clearly classical crossover, and Aria's voice soars above the crisp arrangements.

Visitors can stream the three tracks from Aria's EP at her website. We're sure that this young woman has a bright musical future and look forward to her full length album in a few months time.

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