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Jennie Walker - Night Flight To London - CD Cover
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\r\nimage © Jennie Walker 2011

(02 September) Jennie Walker is the daughter of an Army Colonel and a mother who studied and performed opera. She was motivated by her mother's passion for songwriting, singing, and performing; a passion which would become the driving force for Jennie's musical journey. They would write songs together while Jennie was a teen, setting the stage for this moment in the release of her album, Night Flight to London (Jennie Walker (USA), 2011).

With songwriting and recording dating back to at least 1998, the now veteran performer builds a mosaic of life's questions based on her experiences, evoking images of romance and passion. She has performed for international notables, including Nelson Mandela’s wife, Graça Machel, in Mozambique, and the Rockefeller family. Jennie currently resides in New York City.

Co-writing with Tommy Faragher, Grammy Nominee and 12-time platinum selling producer with a internationally known body of work (GLEE, Taylor Dayne, Elvis Costello, Robbie Nevil, Keli Price, Brenda K Starr, OíJays, Hall and Oats, Eternal, Bardot and now the Oprah Winfrey Network reality show, Real Life The Musical), Night Flight To London includes twelve wonderfully executed songs, which reveal her luxuriantly smooth voice and resonate in songs which are intrigues of power, foreboding and fatalistic journeys through love, relationships, and the highs and lows of life.

Jennie's album was released in conjunction with her recent win in the 2011 British Airways Face of Opportunity Contest, which recognizes small business looking to expand internationally. The album received six months of in-flight audio play on all British Airways long haul flights from august 2011 to January 2012.

When not in the studio, Jennie is active in the music industry and in non-profit and charity fundraising endeavors, in addition to her workload as an actor and voice-over artist. She is a member of the Artists Against Hunger and Poverty Program of WhyHunger (Bruce Springsteen and Michael McDonald are members), and has made a personal pledge to ensure her music performances and music business activities have a charitable component, which allows her to give back to the community.

Following the graceful opening song "Simon" the album's title track is most accessible and, like the rest of the material on this recording, show cases her well-honed and powerful voice. The upbeat, crossover-style arrangements perfectly back the stunning vocal work. "Your Father Your Mother" and "The Subway Glass" are both funkier-style tracks with electric guitar contrasting orchestral washes. They continues to demonstrate the artist's viruosity.

In contrast, "Black Hat" is a rhythmic singer songwriter song clearly driven by the vocalist and supported by very crisp string work. The powerful, stadium rocker, "Hero in My Eyes" is the album's second standout. We especially liked the build from the introduction to the song's full splendor. Listen for the robust, but never overpowering, electric guitar.

The torch ballad "It's Our Time" is gently arranged atop acoustic guitar and warm string washes. Listen to Jennie's voice soar in the vocal delivery. "I Crossed My Own Line" is yet another album standout. The accessible pop style track features Jennie's stunning vocal work atop piano and crisp percussion. Backing harmonies add a great texture.

"The Optimist" is a fantastic track with perfectly complimentary verse and chorus. Jennie's dramatic vocal delivery is especially noteworthy. The perfect bookend is "Rise Above The Pain," a pop-style track with lush layers of strings supporting rich vocal harmonies. "Did You Notice Me?" is more gently delivered atop piano and warm strings. The album concludes with the sensually delivered pop-ballad "I Want To Show The World." The robust string-based arrangements provide a great backdrop for Jennie's powerful and soaring vocal. Listen for the robust crescendo that closes the song.

Jennie Walker is certain to draw the attention of female vocals enthusiasts with Night Flight To London. The album's twelveglorious tracks span a range of different sounds and demonstrate her singing, songwriting and vocal delivery. We are certain to hear a lot more from her in the future.

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