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Kate Morgan - The Kate Morgan EP - CD Artwork
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\r\nphoto: Kathryn Learie
\r\nimage © Kate Morgan 2010

Kate Morgan
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photo: Kathryn Learie
image © Kate Morgan 2010

(03 September 2012) Kate Morgan is a rapidly emerging Canadian singer songwriter who was brought to our attention in her recent tour alongside Yael Akron and Pomme. While her image is evolving from that on her The Kate Morgan EP (Kate Morgan (Canada), 2010) front cover, her music is clearly planted in accessible singer songwriter-styled pop. The silkscreened eight track EP is beautifully yet simply packaged in a jewel box with lovely photos and song credits.

Kate is joined by band members Austin Short (guitars), Dasha Postnikov (piano), Tobi Duquette (drums, percussion) and Jonny Milstein (bass) on the EP. Additional guests provide further instrumentation to the arrangements. Besides the EP, Kate released the two more recent singles "Gypsy" and "You Were Made For This" in 2011. Listen to streams Kate's recent recordings at her website.

Most would count themselves lucky to have met their idols within a lifetime yet Kate Morgan has already shared the stage with those that have gone before her. After a tight and well received performance at the 2010 Lilith Fair in Calgary, Kate was invited onto the Vancouver stage for the finale where she performed alongside the likes of Sarah McLachlin, Sheryl Crow, and Erykah Badu. At just sixteen years of age, Kate was the Lilith Fair Tour’s youngest performer!

A few years have passed and Kate has relocated from Kamloops to Vancouver BC where she continues to pursue music as a career and lifestyle; closer to her band, fellow writers and producers. While she gracefully takes all opportunities and success in stride, Kate’' continual growth in all facets of her craft speaks to an unrelenting passion for music and to an uncommon determination.

With a sweet yet powerful voice, she is introduced on the EP with the gentle tunes "Lovin' You" and "I Love You More." But she really comes alive in the accessible and standout rocker "The Outside." In addition to the rich piano-driven arrangement, listen to the layers of Kate's voice as well as her solo lead atop the lone acoustic guitar in the song's conclusion. The track "Energy" is a lovely pop-oriented bookend but Kate demonstrating her power in delivering the lyrics with a stunning vocal performance.

In contrast, "Broken Toys" is a melancholy ballad whose instrumental arrangements build in strength across the song's running time. "Makin' Me" is a rousing and catchy rock oriented pop tune. Although thick electric guitars dominate the arrangement, Kate's solo lead vocal soars atop the the instrumentals without multitracking. The country styled "I Know" is performed alongside slide, electric and acoustic guitars. Listen to her stunning track "Where You Belong" a song that clearly show's Kate has the chops of the other young women dominating pop music today.

Kate's recordings following the EP find the artist with thicker, more robust arrangements. The rock song "You Were Made For This" is the first example. In "Eyes Wide Open," Kate sings atop gentle guitar with much thicker drum percussion elements. Her voice is maturing as demonstrated by the clarity of her delivery.

"Gypsy" (video) is a gorgeous track, sung powerfully atop crisp arrangements mixed perfectly underneath Kate's vocal work. "What I Need" is another lovely pop song that shows the maturity of the singer's talent. As a final illustrating of her breadth, listen to Kate's track "Never Be That Girl," a rhythmic dance-oriented electronic number.

Kate Morgan clearly has a bright future. Acclaim at an early age will help propel the singer songwriter to achieve significant success in her music career. Her EP is an excellent launch point. Clearly she will progress towards a full length album which we will eagerly await.

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