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Hey Ocean - Is - CD Cover
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\r\nimage © Nettwerk Records 2013

Ashleigh Ball
click image to visit band's FaceBook Ashleigh Ball (lead vocals)
image © Nettwerk Records 2013


(17 March 2013) Vancouver-based trio Hey Ocean! release their third full-length album and first on their new label IS (Nettwerk (Canada), 2013). The band is a Canadian indie alternative rock and indie pop band that waas formed in 2005 in Vancouver. David Beckingham and Ashleigh Ball had been friends since grade six and were joined by David Vertesi in 2005 to form Hey Ocean! The band consists of Ashleigh Ball (vocals/flute), David Beckingham (vocals/guitar), and David Vertesi (vocals/bass).

Their music draws from many genres, including pop and acoustic, and the group tours Canada widely. They have performed locally alongside a variety of other Vancouver acts. Hey Ocean's music is upbeat and bright. The strong beat is never overpowering, the music delivers strong reminscences of a day at the a beach or a two-week vacation! CBC Music called "Big Blue Wave," with its infectious hook and captivating melodies, the band's crossover hit.

Hey Ocean! band ran their own label for many years, being represented by Nettwerk Management, and had overtures from Gene Simmons before signing with Universal Music Canada for distribution in 2011. Now signed to Nettwerk, the new album is released in Canada and the USA on the label.

Lead singer Ashleigh Ball's voice acting work has drawn international attention to the band from members of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan community. Fans have created music videos featuring the band's songs and footage from the show, some of which are featured on the band's official website. The powerful yet perfectly sung vocals Ashleigh delivers are most reminscent Anneli Drecker in Bel Canto.

At the end of June 2013, the band will perform at Fiesta Equestria, a brony convention in Houston, Texas. With the artistic growth on IS, it is no wonder that Hey Ocean! has been nominated in the "Breakthrough Group of the Year" category for the Juno Awards of 2013.

Elsewhere on the record, "Make Up a New Dance" shimmies and shakes with a snappy guitar and propulsive beat, while the band beautifully captures longing on the poetic and poignant "Islands." Hey Ocean! have earned the loyalty of an ever-expanding fan base thanks to their captivating and energetic live shows. Watch their performances on YouTube!

Clearly Hey Ocean! are taking the world by storm with their new album IS. Their recent signing to Nettwerk Records should continue to build their acclaim.This is an outstanding and very playable record. The twelve tracks are warmly delivered and perfectly illustrate the band's outstanding range. Superb!

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