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Lizabett Russo - The Traveller
image © Lizabett Russo 2013

Lizabett Russo
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image © Lizabett Russo 2013


(04 July 2013) Originally from Transylvania and now based in Aberdeen, Scotland, emerging singer/songwriter Lizabett Russo reached out to Musical Discoveries last month offering her debut three-track EP entitled The Traveller's Song (Lizabett Russo (UK) 2013) for review.

Lizabett Russo is a young musical artist whose music draws inspiration form an eclectic array of influences. Her vocal style and songwriting incorporate elements of folk, classical and soul combined with a sense of urgency and originality which is very much belonging to the here and now.

We were intrigued immediately with her biographic byline. She writes, "I am a musician, a singer, a songwriter … far from home but at home in my music wherever I am. I see the world through my eyes – the eyes of someone who has seen much but has so much more to see and learn. Travelling from Transylvania to Scotland, and from Scotland to London … next I might come to you! The adventure has just begun … come with me!

Lizabett told us, "I came to Scotland about three years ago to study at the Robert Gordon University and I kept on doing music in the same time. In my first year in a foreign country I began to write a lot of songs and poetry as well. But I've been writing poetry since I was twelve and recently some of my old poems written in my native language have become songs translated in English; they will appear on my album."

About her poetry, Lizabett told us, "In most of my poems I talk about life experiences, feelings, earthy-type topics and sometimes just random pieces of ideas gathered together." And for the transition to music, "I used to sing at school festivals and perform in the school choir. But I got kicked out of the choir because the teacher thought I am suitable to be a solo singer and not part of a choir."

Although quite short, with a running time of just under eleven minutes, The Traveller's Song is a well-produced and superb introduction to the diversity of Lizabett's talent. The three songs are stylistically different, yet held together by both superb vocal work and outstanding instrumental arrangements.

The EP was produced and mixed at Aberdeen Music Studio by Paul Davidson and co-produced by Innes Cardno. Lizabett told us that these two brilliant musicians certainly gave a lot of flavor to this EP. They spent hours and hours over four-five months in a tiny, basement-studio usually at night o finish it.

The EP's opening track "Lose Your Colour" is lovely folk pop number sung on the foundation of acoustic guitars and a rhythm section of standup bass and crisp percussion. The singer's crystalline vocals soar above the arrangements in delivering lyrics and vocalize.

Lizabett told us, "My aim in music is to combine my folkloric roots with British folk roots and some elements of jazz and blues. All my new songs will bring all these elements together and make it all more interesting to listen. It will also be more natural in terms of production. I want music to speak directly to the soul."

The EP's title track "The Traveller's Song" builds strength with the addition of electric guitar to acoustic guitars and has a rockier flair. Listen for the common thread of Lizabett's crystalline lyrical and vocalize delivery.

The most powerfully produced song of the EP is "Tonight." The additional keyboard textures and a thick electric bass line along with Lizabett's self-harmonies contribute to the excellent sound while the rhythm shows the artist's pop sensibilities.

As for the future, Lizabett said, "I'll be releasing a full- length album after I finish promoting this EP as much as I can. I am not sure how long this will take but meanwhile I will record and post new songs on my SoundCloud page. I am in the process of making a live session video so fans can have something to watch while they wait for the album. So new songs and videos coming up soon."

Based strictly on her debut three-track EP, clearly Lizabett Russo has a bright future ahead. Listen to a stream of the EP and the acoustic version of "Tonight" on SoundCloud. Follow Lizabett on FaceBook. Order The Traveller's Song EP here. Please Lizabett, may we have some more!

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