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Emily Kopp - Serendipity Come Find Me - CD Cover Art
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\r\nimage © Emily Kopp 2013

Emily Kopp
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photo: Shauna Hundeby
image © Emily Kopp 2013

(15 October 2013) Emily Kopp is a twenty two year old singer-songwriter based out of Orlando, FL. The artist grew up playing behind the drums for bands and strumming covers on her guitar at wine bars and coffee shops, this young star has discovered her potential. We've been listening to her debut album Serendipity Find Me for the past couple of months anxiously awaiting its release.

Emily told us, "After working at a live music venue since the Summer of 2010, I was inspired by artists that have stopped by such as Marc Cohn, Joshua Radin, Joe Bonamassa, The Civil Wars, Ani DiFranco, and Marc Broussard." She continues, "I went from being their hospitality and dressing room assistant to plot my own path in the music industry." As a kid, Emily was inspired by artists such as Norah Jones, Stevie Nicks, John Mayer, Tracy Chapman, and Sara Bareilles. Her debut album reflects these influences.

The singer shares a similar soulfulness that blends beautifully with the same artists who she has always admired. Emily released her first single "How Did We Get Here" and a debut EP entitled Potential in 2011. In her short career, Emily has already played with reputable touring artists such as Michelle Branch, Parachute, Boyce Avenue, Brandi Carlisle, and many more.

Serendipity Find Me is a nine-track collection of well-arranged tracks. Emily's songs are vocally laden and accompanied by acoustic or electric guitar and a light rhythm section. Keyboards add texture and accessibility to the material. Listeners are certain to be drawn in from the opening track "Flying Blind," and if not won over there, will find the the hook of the bluesy Norah Jones-style tracks "Can't Catch Me" or "Thicker Than Blood" enticing. Upon release, Emily's album charted and peaked at #39 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts.

The acoustically accompanied "When We Fight" shows Emily singing wistfully in verses and heartfelt alluding a sound like featured artist, Elisha Eagle in the choruses. The upbeat and soulfully delivered track "Friend Like You" is certain to hook listeners. The very soulful and more downtempo multilayered vocal track "Do You Ever" drew our editorial staff's attention immediately.

The bluesy song "Some People" is more tenderly delivered with light accompaniment. Choruses again draw vocal allusions to Elisha Eagle. "So Scared," is sung wistfully atop light acoustic guitar in the opening verse, but the singer is more richly accompanied with electric guitar and reverb plus further vocal layers in the choruses and verses that follow. The album concludes with the upbeat pop track and album standout "Serendipity." Emily's lead and backing vocals are perfectly delivered and produced.

Emily Kopp's album Serendipity Find Me is a great introduction to the artist and is available at most popular digital outlets from October 15. The artist is blazing her way into the ears, hearts and souls of her growing audience. Surely we'll be hearing a lot more from Emily Kopp.

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