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ManicanParty - ManicanParty EP - Cover Artwork
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\r\nimage © ManicanParty 2013

Manican Party
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image © ManicanParty 2013

(20 October 2013) Manicanparty is a band comprised of Jessica Corazza and Patrick Morrissey, and based in Minneapolis, MN. Friends since their high school days, they make expressive, uplifting tribal pop, bringing together the best of classic and modern sounds, from Paul Simon to Ellie Goulding, from Peter Gabriel to Florence and the Machine. While they draw on the same aural palette as many electro-pop artists today, their classic sense of song craft, soaring vocals, and infectious tribal rhythms set them apart.

The ManicanParty EP is the group's first major commercial release. Comprised of seven gorgeously arranged and uplifting vocally laced tracks, it has a running time of a 28 minutes. Be assured, ManicanParty's upbeat sounds are certain to evoke a feeling of happiness from their listeners. Jessica has a well-honed pop-styled voice that works well across the EP and with the electronic arrangements in excellent opening track "It's In Her Eyes."

"Rebels" introduces the tribal sound ManicanParty has become known for. Their rhythm section contributes--alongside multi-layered Adiemus-style vocals--the other element to the tribal element of their sound. The dynamically arranged "Monarch" includes Jessica's sensitively delivered solo vocals as well as layers of gorgeously arranged self-backing harmonies. Percussively rich arrangements provide the song's outstanding texture.

The track "Lonely You Will Find Me" is a more gentle ballad. Listen to the lush harmonies supporting the lead vocals in the choruses and their contrast to the light arrangements in this song's verses. "Bow" is similarly arranged but includes more electronic vocal effects that add texture but are not overdone.

The bass-rich, electronic sounds and powerful percussive arrangement of "Farewell" provides an ample backdrop for Jessica's outstanding lead vocals and backing self-harmonies that soar above the instrumentals. Electronic treatments continue to build in "You Are My Soul" both in the arrangements and vocal layers.

The EP concludes with the stunning and delicately arranged ballad entitled "Animal." Arranged with keyboard and additional vocal layers, the song is actually quite stripped back. ManicanParty have certainly grown tremendously since the release of their early singles in 2012.

Sample ManicanParty's recordings at their SoundCloud site. Their music is certain to draw widespread appeal. Clearly on the path to create a full length album, ManicnParty is a band we can expect to hear a lot more from in the future.

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