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Camille Miller - More Than This - CD Cover
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\r\nimage © Camille Miller 2013

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Camille Miller
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image © Camille Miller 2013

(19 November 2013) Camille Miller's PledgeMusic (profile) campaign originally set out to make a new EP and an accompanying music video. Her enthusiastic supporters will be delighted that More Than This (Camille Miller (Canada), 2013) has been released as a stunning ten-track 40-minute album that will continue to propel this incredible singer songwriter forward. Enthusiastic visitors will recall that Camille made her debut here as one of the "Women of Balligomingo."

Camille said, "So many stories, and more so as I get older. I have put some music to them, and have a line-up of incredible musicians who are ready to help me make these stories and songs come alive. Over the years, I have written with some fantastic writers, mainly Nick Haggar. I also have got to work with some of Vancouver Island’s best musicians and producers all who will once again join me on this project. I will always consider Vancouver Island my musical home!" Those who follow Camille know that she is a globetrotter who is as comfortable performing in Switzerland or Mexico as she is at home.

The More Than This album involved contributions from numerous other musicians. Rick Salt played guitar on most of it and recorded, engineers and produced all of it with the exception of "Guilty Birds" that was recorded, engineered and produced by Chris Aiken and "She Knows" that was recorded, engineered and produced by Doug Elliot.

For this project, Camille Miller sings lead vocals, and plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar and provides selected backing vocals. The musicians included: Murray Atkinson (piano/organ); Marisha Devoin (piano, harmonies); Doug Elliot (bass, backing vocals); Tina Jones (backing vocals, trumpet, banjo); Lindsay Martell (electric guitar, backing vocals); Steve O'Connor (organ); Rick Salt (lead guitars); Kenny Scardina (bass); Duncan Symonds (lap steel); Joel Spillett (organ, piano); and Pat Steward (drums).

About the recording, Camille said, "This new album [is being made] to simply remind myself that wherever we are in our lives, no matter how tough things feel, just over the edge, there is always more to love, more to give and receive and always more to learn. I am on a quest to learn the craft of songwriting. I believe it’s a lifelong one, but I am up for the challenge." She concluded, "After we reach our goal, we’ll be helping out an amazing organization, Big Brothers and Sisters In Canada [with some of the proceeds]."

More Than This opens with the upbeat pop rock track "Guilty Birds." Camille's voice glides over shimmering electric guitars and warm keyboard textures. Electric guitar drives the rhythmic arrangement of "Heart and Soul." The self-backing harmonies are gorgeous. The melancholy title track is evocatively sung atop acoustic guitar with light keyboards punctuating the arrangement.

"Ginger Rogers" is one of this album's standout tracks. Both the vocal and instrumental arrangements are especially lush; listen for the well-placed slide guitar excursions that have been incorporated. In "She Knows," arrangements build beneath Camille's powerful lead vocal. Again the backing self-harmonies provide great texture to the recording. The track "All About You" alludes vocally to Camille's earlier recordings yet vocal harmonies, banjo and crisp percussion are clear discriminators.

"Tiniest of Hearts" is another one of the album's standouts. The memorable melody, rhythmic and lush arrangements are perfectly adjoined to Camille's stunning vocal lines. "Traveling Light" contributes an element of diversity into the album with its downtempo country styling. The upbeat rocker "Let Go" begins with a likely contribution from one of Camille's children. Additional vocal layers support the singer's powerful lead. The album concludes with the final album standout "Roam." A mid-tempo rock track graced with shimmering electric guitar and very lush Hammond, Camille's powerful lead and dense harmonies are amazing.

Camille Miller continues to grow as an accomplished musical artist. Her PledgeMusic campaign has resulted in an extremely well-produced recording that will delight current enthusiasts and new found fans. More Than This is. Bravo!

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