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Eatliz - All Of It - CD Artwork
All Of It album cover
\r\nillustration by Ofra Eyal Gur Arie
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\r\nimage © Eatliz 2014

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Violently Delicate (2007)
Teasing Nature (2010)
"Miserable" (2014)

Eatliz Performing Live
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Guy Ben Shitrit | Sivan Abelson
image © Eatliz 2014

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Eatliz (Israel) Band Photo
image © Eatliz 2014

  (22 June 2013) The long awaited third full-length album by Israel's Eatliz is now generally available. The single "Miserable" that previewed the band's direction was released almost nine months ago and was the first new material since 2010's Teasing Nature album. The new Eatliz album All Of It (Eatliz (Israel), 7 290014 570894, 2014), was financed through a crowd funding campaign via IndieGogo. The wonderfully packaged digipack CD illustrated at the band's FaceBook page is being distributed by High Fidelity and hopefully should be available in all territories very soon.

Lead vocalist Sivan Abelson and Omer Hershman (guitar, vocals), joined Eatliz in 2012. The lineup today is completed by Guy Ben Shetrit (guitar, vocals), Hadar Green (bass), and Omry Hanegby (Drums). Noam Shaham replaced Hadar Green on bass after the album was completed. Eatliz play for live audiences around Israel relentlessly and have toured great distances in the last three years. While the single Miserable" provided an excellent introduction to the new vocalist's work in lead and densely layered backing harmonies, the new album is substantially more impressive.

Sivan, who is also a writer and a screenwriter, contributed the album's lyrics. About the album, the band say, "In this album the lyrical world is new and is more akin to the world of storytelling." Guy Ben Shetrit continues, "Unlike the band's prior albums, that were diversified and varied in style from one to the next, we chose to also explore the territory of electronic music." While some guitar work has been electronically processed and joined by new keyboard sounds in "Miserable," enthusiasts must hear the album to anxious to fully appreciate the sound of Eatliz' new direction.

All Of It is comprised of ten lushly arranged tracks, including "Miserable," and runs almost 43 minutes. Arrangements are complex -- almost progressive -- and the percussion and rhythm sections are most outstandingly produced. English lyrics again dominate Eatliz' music. Listen for the thick bass lines and drums that punctuate the album from the opening track "One Of Us" onward through the album. This sound is perhaps most evident in the lush arrangement of "Bees." Listen also for the lush harmonies and dense synth washes that join Sivan's vocalize that soar across the top of this outstanding track. A Hebrew translation of the lyrics is included in the beautifully illustrated booklet.

"Lilith" is by far -- to our ears -- the album's standout track. Powerful vocals glisten atop arrangements, echoing in the gloriously arranged swirling psychedelic industrial harmonies. The sharp contrasts within the verse chorus construction works extremely well. We can't listen to the album without playing this track twice!

While long-time Eatliz fans will hear some similarity to the band's former material, All Of It indeed moves in a more electronic direction. The power of the arrangements continues to shine in "Misanthrope." Sivan is also a powerful singer whose vocal work does not have to be multi-tracked to drive the lyrical messaging in the more densely arranged material. Listen for the eloquent guitar work in the new tracks.

"A Giant Fall" is more lightly arranged, allowing the vocalist to shine almost on her own in comparison to the other tracks. Listen here for the lyrics from the album's title. "Heavenly" and "Dendroida" are a couple of of the album's quieter tracks, perhaps with deeper allusions to the band's former sound, with crisp guitar licks and percussion providing a tender backdrop for Sivan's tenderly delivered vocals. We especially appreciated the multi-tracked harmonies in "Dendroida."

The tempo and production density clearly pick up in "Potion" a delightful alt-rock track contrasting powerful vocals with swirling electronic arrangements. The album concludes with "Last Bite," a far gentler track highlighting Sivan's tender vocal work over significantly lighter arrangements. The electric guitar solo is superb!

Eatliz have returned with an outstanding new album and one that clearly shows artistic development, outstanding production and the full integration of the new line-up. All Of It is presently available on iTunes as a digital download. Eatliz will surely expand their following and continue to tour internationally in support of this outstanding project. Bravo!

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