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Claudia - Enough - CD Cover
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exclusive interview and photos (2015)
The Cosmic Remedy (2014)

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(28 Nov 2015) Claudia's debut album Enough is an eleven track collection the singer and songwriter released in 2013. Claudia began taking piano classes and writing songs when she was eight years old. She later switched to jazz piano and classical voice and was also a child actor for several years. Claudia later completed a medical degree.

Claudia has written lyrics for other artists including The Cosmic Remedy whose team introduced her to Musical Discoveries almost two years ago. Claudia's stunning and most accessible debut album her crystalline voice and features her original compositions. Read our exclusive interview with this multi-talented woman.

Enough includes recordings spanning several genres including acoustic, piano-driven, soft melodies, and also offers powerful pop-rock ballads. Her crystalline pure voice and strongly delivered, bittersweet tunes are sure to touch the soul and captivate the listener. Stream Claudia's song "Pillango volt" and her all-new June 2015 track "Can't You Let Me Go" on her YouTube channel.

The music on Claudia's album launches with "Picture Perfect," a well-arranged pop-rock track the singer's lead soaring above rich arrangements and self-harmonies in the chorus. The lovely duet "Left Me" is sung with Daniel Torres. Here Claudia's voice will remind listeners of Astrid van der Veen (Ambion). "Pillango volt " (Butterfly) is a traditionally-styled ballad sung in Hungarian and perfectly sets up the folky tune "Funfair." Claudia's voice glistens in the production.

The album's second duet continues to demonstrate the artist's virtuosity. It is a stunning rock song performed Claudia performs with Tames Demes. Vocal harmonies are perfectly complemented by the rich arrangements including the album's most robust guitar solos. The rock theme continues in "Everything (I Think I Feel)," the singer's crystalline lead soaring above arrangements and self-harmonies. Listen for her wonderful vocalise in the bridge.

Claudia's solo voice is clearly showcased in her tender and crystalline deliveries of the three piano ballads "Together," "Softly" and title track "Enough." The tracks run in sequence, perfectly complementing each other on the CD. We especially enjoyed the buildup in "Enough." The penultimate track on the song is a remix of "Pillango" by DJ Dominique. In addition to Claudia's vocals being reverbed, somewhat thicker and swirling dance-style arrangements have been added. The album concludes with "Stay," a gorgeous pop song with piano-based verses and lushly-arranged powerful choruses that feature layers of Claudia's self-harmonies.

The Enough CD is available through online sources in Europe and is also available as a download at iTunes. Check the artist's website for details. Although this article about her recordings took far too long to publish, Claudia is off to an outstanding musical career. Claudia has informed us that she is presently working on a new album for release in 2016. One album is certainly not enough!--Russ Elliot in St Thomas, USVI

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