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Vorzüge VorzAmp Pure II+ (White)
image © Vorzuge 2015

Vorzüge VorzAmp Pure II+ (Black)
image © Vorzuge 2015


(04 August 2015) The latest in Vorzüge's line of extremely high end portable headphone amplifiers is the Pure II+™. Like their prior models, it is smaller than an original iPod. This tiny and rechargeable powerhouse delivers around 10 hours from portable devices. Independent tests show a perfectly flat frequency response that will appeal to all listeners but will primarily appeal to audiophiles.

While we have custom plusSound Echo+ audiophile quality headphone cables for our Audeze LCD-3 that permit listening at up to 40 feet from from the Sennheiser HDVD-800 amplifier reference standard in our listening studio, we wanted to obtain a similar rich and powerful sound in more remote locations using our DiscMan or iPod to get more listens in before or while penning reviews away from the studio.

While there are a range of other high-end portable headphone amplifiers, independent tests were most complete and appeared to strongly favor the Vorzüge line above most others. See the Ohmage and Headphonia articles for more details. The Pure II+ clearly delivers. Our configuration also includes a six-foot Echo+ cable made especially for the portable amp and our LCD-3. Key features include the rechargeable battery, variable attenuation, two power reduction indicators and a high intensity power-on light that doubles as a micro-flashlight. Recharges are via a micro-USB port.

We were impressed not only with the sound and power of the amp, but also with the quality of provided interconnect cable and outstanding build standard. This is a rock solid amplifier well worth the investment. It is priced in the same range as competitive units. The Pure II+ is available in white or black exclusively from Vorzüge and typically ships from Singapore. A notable performance improvement was evident after the first battery cycle run-in completed. After just one month of use, Pure II+ has become a go-to product in the Musical Discoveries listening environment.

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