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Blue Stone - Prophecy - CD Cover
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  (17 Mar 2020) The first entirely new album from Blue Stone since 2011's instrumental Pandora's Box is entitled Prophecy (NeuroDisc Records 2020). Blue Stone released a vocally oriented EP called Phoenix in 2012 and a compilation entitled Compendium in 2014 also featuring tracks from a bevy of female vocalists.

Prophecy is a well-produced collection of fourteen instrumental and vocal tracks. While the former Blue Stone electronic and downtempo sound is clearly evident, they combine the strengths of instrumental tracks and vocally laced numbers here. Listen for more pronounced electric guitar, acoustic instruments and percussion are added to the mix.

Blue Stone are Florida-based producers Robert Smith and Bill Waters and Massachusetts singer Sara Bloomfield, whose vocal layers swirl through many of the new album's tracks. They have added Jack Mascari as a featured artist on electric guitar. Blue Stone has evolved from programmed world music and chants into more accessible vocal tunes and rhythmic instrumentals on Prophecy.

Says vocalist Sara Bloomfield, "This album is vastly different than our others but we are really excited about it. The messages conveyed in the lyrics are something we believe the world needs to hear." Her sweetly delivered vocals are full of hope and promise, painting a positive image of the future for the album's listeners.

We felt a strong channeling of Clannad's classic sound in the standout track "Monk" with Sara's strong allusion to their lead singer Maire Brennan. The lead and backing vocal layers work perfectly against electric guitar and rhythm layers. We also especially enjoyed the album's opener "Raindrops" and multi-layered upbeat choruses in "Seeds of Change." The gentle piano tune "Human Folly" concludes the slightly over an hour-long production.

The album's digital street date is 20 March 2020. Serious enthusiasts can obtain a limited number of compact discs directly from the band. Reach out to them via their FaceBook page for further information.

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