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Selections from Lenses of Contact
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Mary Fahl
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(14 January 2001) The first "official" solo release byMary Fahl since the demise of October Project is a four-track EP entitledSelections from Lenses of Contact (Roughmix (USA) 6 34457 13502, 2000). Mary fronted October Project for their two albums on Epicbut went her own way when the band was dropped after the initial toursupporting the band's second album. A live video released by theband during their heyday-the holy grail amongst October Project fans-illustrates the singer's unsurpassed stage presence and ability to capture an audience. October Project's two albumsare still available and continue to attract worldwide acclaim.

Produced by Jeffrey Lesser, the EP was recorded in New York at RPM Studio. Additional artists include Scott Healy (music direction, piano), Shawn Pelton (drums), Tony Garnier (bass), Glenn Alexander (guitars), Glenn Patscha (keyboards, backing vocals), Larry Saltzman (electric guitars).Lyrics and music are by Mary Fahl in various combinations with others.

While the arrangements are somewhat less lush than OctoberProject, it is hard not to hear the band's sound with Mary's voice leadingthe way. Mary's soaring voice opens the album with "Raging Child" wringingof emotion. Instrumentals are richly arranged perfectly supporting thepower and range of Mary's vocal part. A slow-moving ballad primarilyaccompanied by piano entitled "Paolo" follows. Although the EP is classified as being a collection of rough mixes, this, like the othersis quite good with vocals mixed way up, right where our editors like them;and Mary is in fine form.

"Meant to Say" moves along more quickly while light guitar,keyboard and crisp percussion underscore the lead vocal part. Soaringvocalise is extremely reminscent of Mary's earlier work and it is easyto understand why her voice has been compared to a full body red wine in the delivery. Emotion and sensuality come through with every noteshe sings.

The slow moving and evocative ballad "Redemption" closes the EP. Like "Raging Child" and "Paolo" this track was performed in herearly solo performances, including The Fez on September 29, 1999. Thearrangements are more polished here and clearly this EP has whet ourappetite further for the full length album.

You'll be able to read further reviews and order theEP from amazon.comhere. Downloads are available at the Roughmix website.Clearly a recording for Mary's fans from prior days and one that willattract a broader audience, this EP is worth a trans-Atlantic journey andis a must listen!

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