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Rudi's Journey
R.U.D.Y'.s Journey
\r\nImage © 2001 SB Records

Michelle Young
Image © 2001 Andrea Meister

(06 June 2001) The debut 'solo' album by Rudi Buttas (Pur) entitledR.U.D.Y.'s Journey (SB Records (Germany) 4019 1 0919919 4, 2001) is comprised of 14 pop-oriented rock tracks. Joined by Michael Sadler(Saga) and other various artists, the album is extremely well produced, highly accessible and will naturally attract a broad listener base. It is reviewed here because it features the stunning vocal contributions of Musical Discoveries featured artist Michelle Young(review) who played early demos ofthe material to our editors over a year ago. She sings lead on four of the album's tracks and contributes to several others.

Musical Discoveries readers should note that Michelle also sings a stunning duet and has vocal work included throughout the July 2001 Magna Carta progressive rockOriginal Cast Recording: Leonardo - The Absolute Man. Her long-awaited second album Marked For Madness is scheduled for release in September 2001.

R.U.D.I.'s Journey opens with the upbeat and rocking "Long Day's Journey" sung by Michelle Young. We were instantly reminded of her workwith American Flyer. The producers mixed the level of Michelle's vocals way up so she's out in front where she belongs. Supporting instrumentals and Michelle's accompanying harmonies work extremely well. Michelle's soaring 80s rock style drives the texture of the track "Mona." Her power, range and obviously well-trained style work well against the rocking guitar-based arrangements.

Michelle's evocatively sung lead vocal in "Harder Day" includes layers of backing harmonies and richly produced supporting instrumentals. Various styles within the song were vocally reminscent of her debut album Song of the Siren as well as demos of her forthcoming follow-up Marked for Madness.

We especially enjoyed Michelle's duet, vocalise and harmony vocals accompanying Mike Sadler in the gently rocking ballad "One More Chance." In another ballad entitled "Peter Pan," Michelle takes the lead, singing in a style similar to her most recent solo demos, supported this time by Mike Sadler. The lush vocal arrangement includes a soaring lead and richly produced backing harmony layers. The two vocalists compliment each other quite well.

Sung by Mike Sadler, the album's signature tune "Radio" appears inboth single-edit and a longer version. Upbeat and a highly accessible classic rock track, it has a tremendous hook and is likely a certain favourite once it hits the airwaves. Another highly accessible rock track, "Friends" is similarly arranged for Mike Sadler's vocal lead. Backing harmonies include contributions from Michelle Young. Other ballads on the album include the heartfelt "Breath of Life" sung by Mike Sadler, and "Blindman" sung by David Hanselmann. He also sings the soft and accessible rock tune "Fly."

R.U.D.Y.'s Journey is a very enjoyable rock album of broad appeal with vocal contributions from both male and female singers. Certain highlights for Musical Discoveries' readers are the stunning tracks sung by Michelle Young. Further information, photos and soundbites are available at Rudi's official website. Available currently amazon.de (Germany), this album is worth a trans-Atlantic journey and quite clearly is a must listen!

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