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The Thing That Feels CD Cover
Image © Mellow Traumatic Records 2000

Image © Mellow Traumatic Records 2000

(04 October 2001) With three compact discs to her credit, singersongwriter Hannah Fury's first full length album is entitled The Thing That Feels (MellowTraumatic Recordings (USA) MTR002 CD, 2000). Her debut recording, Soul Poison (MTR001 CD, 1998) is a five-track EP; most recently Hannah released a six-track limited edition EP entitled Meathook (MTR003CD, 2001) featuring four all new tracks. Hannah is based in Austin, Texas.

The tracks on Soul Poison are evocatively sung primarily over simple piano arrangements. Although some have compared her work to Tori Amos, Hannah's whispy style reminded us of immediately Xyra & Verborgen (review) by her style. Wrenched with emotion, the singer's talent is immediately evident.

"The Necklace of Marie Antoinette," "Idaho" and "The Last Piece of Cake" are softly sung relatively dark ballads. Occasional vocal harmonies add to the sonic texture. "Scars" is a lovely ballad with elements of "Scarborough Fair" scattered within the lyrics and arrangements. "Eat The Dirt" is more upbeat and lushly arranged with electronic keyboard and piano joined by piano and other effects but not without dark elements as well. The concluding track summarises the other four included withinthe EP.

Thirteen heartfelt vocally strong tracks grace Hannah's album The Thing That Feels. Performed and recorded in a style similarto her debut EP, lead and harmony vocals are primarily accompanied bygentle piano arrangements. Listeners will immediately notice the additional harmony layers that add to the album's acoustic texture.

The Thing That Feels is comprised primarily of dark ballads and the listener must be positively disposed to the style or risk being drawn unwillingly into the melancholy textures within it. A stunning piano instrumental entitled "Of Longing And Otherness" is also included on the album. Hannah's vocal work is full of emotion, tender and sweet and perfectly suits the style of the material.

New tracks on the Meathook EP continue in the same vein asHannah's earlier work; the ballads are dark and sung over lovely pianoarrangements. Vocals have been mixed even further up, well over theinstrumental and individual parts are more clearly defined from oneanother. Immediately evident in the production of "Angels & Absinth"and "The Metro," Hannah's well-produced vocals jump right out of the recording.

We found the artist's interpretations of Abba's "The Winner Takes It All" quite enjoyable with multi-tracked vocal layers workingwell over the light piano arrangement. Hannah also covers "True LoveWill Find You In The End" in with gentle vocals and light pianoaccompanying. Certainly the Meathook EP will delight Hannah'sfollowing.

Hannah's album The Thing That Feels is a lovely followup to her debut Soul Poison. We were provided with lyric sheets for both recordings certainly available for new listeners from her record label. You can find further information, photos and soundbites at Hannah'swebsite and order her album from amazon.comhere. Worth a journey, Hannah's recordings are a nice listen.

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