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The Great Crossing CD Cover
Image © 2001 Matiz Music Ltd  

(25 November 2001) The long-awaited follow-up to F.R.E.U.D.'s Time Passengers (review) is currently being circulated to the music media exclusively as a preview. The new album entitled The Great Crossing is comprised of nine tracks featuring Cora Donovan's vocal work. Sally Oldfield (review) guests on the opening track "Ozymandias" and a dance remix that concludes the album.

Lushly produced, Cora's lovely lead vocal soars above instrumentals in Celtic-flavoured ballad "Eden" and the lovely lush new age sounds of "Deja Vu." Dominated by layers of Cora's evocative vocals, "The Journey" is much more pop-oriented, but untraditionally so, a departure from Freud's normal resting spot--but it works.

Rich synthesizer passages form the musical foundation for the album's instrumental title track. Strings and keyboards carry different elements of the melodies that comprise the piece. Cora's evocative and powerful lead is supported by lovely and rich harmonies in the wordly standout track "Phantasmagoria." Cora's whispy vocals in the verses are especially sensually performed.

Evocatively performed with vast mood swings and worldly atmospherics, various movements of "The Averbury Circle" bring what must be Druid worship to the listener's mind. Cora's lovely lead vocal returns in the upbeat and somewhat dancy "Mystery Moon" with choir-like vocal layers performed in a style similar to Delerium. Short spoken elements are also lovely. The album concludes with a dance remix of "Ozymandias" featuring Sally Oldfield.

The Great Crossing is an album that will delight female vocal enthusiasts. Cora's vocal excursions are perfectly complimented by exotic world sounds, Celtic flute and lush synthesizer passages. Find further reviews and sound bites from Freud's debut album Time Passengers is at amazon.com here.Watch for the commercial release of The Great Crossing in the next twelve months. Like Freud's debut, this one is a must listen!

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