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Solitary Motions CD Cover
Image © 2001 Parlophone
Oy EMI Finland Ab

Green Card CD Cover
Image © 2001 Parlophone
Oy EMI Finland Ab

(26 November 2001) Emmi has something in common with Cinderella; their story is based on simple things and a humble attitude. She first saw the stars from distance, but now she is shining as one of them on the European music scene.

Background. At 21, Emmi has been named "The Best Nordic Artist" this year. Her singles "Breakable," "Crashing Down" and "Green Car" are widely played at various radio stations and MTV Nordic. Legendary Roxy Music selected Emmi to join their European tour and Nokia signed a contract with her for amajor advertisement campaign. Later this year she will sing with the legendary Celtic rock band Runrig.

Emmi’s start and career so far is like in a Hollywood movie. She started to play guitar in her teens and the idea for first songs was discovered that time. She comes from a musical family, so obviously the first notes were given already in the mothers milk.

At 17, she went to the United States to work for a while and, after returning to her home country Finland, the first demo tracks were made in the friends garage with her father's assistance. EMI, as one of Finland's leading labels, immediately realized the potential of the artist and she was signed for her first singles. The debut album Solitary Motions(Parlophone (Finland) 07243 531257 2 1) was released in 2001.

At this writing, Emmi is the number one female artist of the Finnish pop / rock scene. Her strengths are the full dedication on musical aspects, nice melodies and a unique--a bit soft--singing style. She does not fit to the usual pop / rock star profile, but must be looked at more from the alternativesinger / songwriter perspective. "Only music counts, all the rest around it is useless," she comments.

Our Interview. We reached Emmi in the middle of studio session, but she still spared some time on the phone for Musical Discoveries’ audience. When we asked about her schedule lately, she said, "Yes, it’s true that the speed of events this year, one after another, has generally surprised positively. Just yesterday and day before we had two gigs in the north of Finland to finish the local tour."

We asked her to comment on the touring outside Finland. "Have to say, from experience perspective it was very valuable time to participate the tour with Roxy Music and actually next Saturday (8th Dec) I’m going to start a new tour on the continent Europe again."

Today you started recording new songs for your next album. How will the style of Emmi continue with these new songs? "Well, all the pop elements we will put aside and concentrate on basic instruments and vocals. Pperhapps we’re going to a bit more rocky on the next album."

People seem to wellcome your way of saying things on the lyrics, attitude on fan-relations and the close contact you generate with people. Your success is growing, does this mean a certain distance coming in between? "Hmm, not necessary at all, this is just how the things are. May sound a bit flat, but I’m just making music about the things that I see around, or that I think or dream about. I would like to maintain the close contact with the life aroundme, anyway that’s the one that inspires me."

You have also done some work for Nokia, one of the leading brands in the world. What have they prepared for Emmi? "We made cooperation for Nokia’s advertisement and this is also a remarkable part of my international promotion. "Breakable" is playing to support their campaign. They just liked my songs and picked me for cooperation."

That is a huge media opportunity anyway. Further it’s been written about you for example, 'little girl in the machinery.' Do you feel the music world and related media that way 'big'? "Yes and no. I know what I want to do and will find my way there. Of course it may happen that if you let others handle you uncontrolled, you will be thrown everywhere also without any serious connection to the original idea of your existence, which is - the music!"

Ok, thanks a lot Emmi. Let’s not waste any more studio time for talks, better to remain listen now. Solitary Motions is showing the capability of Emmi as singer/songwriter from the first degree. We look forward to hear her soft, but powerful and well balanced voice again on the next album, which is to be released later spring 2002. Stay tuned for more news and reviews at Musical Discoveries.
--Mauri Osterholm (Scandinavian Correspondent)

Although the album is not yet released in all territories, copies may beobtained at amazon.de here.You can also find further reviews and soundbites at this location. Certainlyan artist we will be hearing a lot more from in the future, her debut albumSolitary Motions is a must listen!

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