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Thread Of Time CD Cover
Image © Compendia Music Group 2002  

(05 May 2002) The latest album in the string of Enya covers by The Taliesin Orchestra is entitled Thread Of Time (Compendia Music Group (USA) 3775, 2002) and is appropriately subtitled The Best Of The Music Of Enya. The album is comprised of eleven new age-oriented tracks from across Enya's repertoire that have been effectively re-arranged by Trammell Starks of Dalton, Georgia. Interestingly Starks' early influences included British progressive superstars Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Starks' trademark is creating a diverse fusion of musical elements; he is the founder of the Taliesin Orchestra.

Aside from standard instrumentation like bass, guitar and drums, The Taliesin Orchestra uses a wide range of instruments to round out the orchestra, often featuring up to as many as 18 violins, nine cellists and three contrabassists who play alongside a host of other classical, folk and Celtic instruments.

Vocals are provided by Felicia Sorenson whose accomplishments are far reaching and of unusual depth. She has performed as a soloist and back up singer in a broad spectrum of singing environments. She is known as a very polished, efficient vocalist who's sensitive interpretation and precise, disciplined skills have earned her the position of first call vocalist for many studios and producers in the United States. Her unique interpretation of these Enya classics perfectly compliments the lush instrumental arrangements.

To build on The Lord Of The Rings soundtrack, the album opens swith "The Council of Elrond with Aniron" includes "May It Be" but it goes on to include some of the most well-known numbers from Enya's albums including, "Orinoco Flow," an extremely rich and upbeat arrangement "Only If" and then the pair "Before The Storm" and a unique arrangement of "Storms In Africa," each with a richly arranged vocal treatment. The tribal vocal arrangements and violin solo are outstanding.

The back half of the album includes Felicia's tasty vocal treatments of "Anywhere Is" and a dance-beat oriented version of "Only Time." Subdued numbers include an instrumental arrangement of "The Memory Of Trees" and light vocalise interpretations of "Athair Ar Neamh" and "Evacuee" complete the album.

Thread Of Time builds on The Taliesin Orchestra's earlier and highly successful albums Orinoco Flow and Maiden of Mysteries. Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.comhere. Clearly worth a trans-Atlantic journey, Thread Of Time is a must listen!

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