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Everdream CD Single Cover
Image © 2002 Spinefarm Records

Tarja Turunen
Image © 2002 Spinefarm Records

(18 May 2002) The first single from the 2002 Nightwish album Century Child (Spinefarm (Finland) SPI148, 2002) is entitled "Ever Dream" (Spinefarm (Finland) SPI149CD, 2002). The three tracks are "Ever Dream," the band's unique cover of "The Phantom Of The Opera" and "The Wayfarer" and from the single's first notes, one will immediately recognise the increase in symphonic textures that have been added to Nightwish's sound. Tarja's vocals steal the show once again. The single has done a great job enticing us for the release of the band's new album.

Writer and keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen remarks, "it is the most typically Nightwish song" on the album when speaking of "Ever Dream." Symphonically at the rich end of the band's arrangements with typically thick metal-edge guitar riffs and vast keyboard excursions, the thunderous tympani and keyboard effects also contribute to the improvement in the depth of the music's presentation. Tarja's vocals remain crystalline and incredibly powerful soaring through her complete range within this first opening track.

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's title composition from the west end show Phantom Of The Opera is miraculously performed by Nightwish primarily sticking to the original arrangement but with guitar and keyboard solos filling in the bridge gaps with their own bits. Tarja's range, power and crystalline vocal lead adds flavour to the original Sarah Brightman performance. The male part of the duet is harder than the west end original but effective against the metal-edged guitars. Tuomas' keyboard arrangements have been programmed to match the original composition very effectively. The instrumental bridge is true Nightwish, perfectly complimenting Webber's intentions for the piece. Fans will be delighted to hear this track on Century Child when released.

The single's final track "The Wayfarer," included on the Spinefarm single, is to be a bonus track on the Japanese release of Century Child. Musically similar to earlier Nightwish work, enthusiasts will hear similarities to tracks from Wishmaster ("Wanderlust") and Oceanborn in vocal construction, rhythm and overall sound. A tremendous track especially when played loud, its inclusion here is a special treat for those that will find obtaining the Japanese edition of the new album difficult.

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