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Dove CD Cover
Image © Zone Records 2002  

(18 May 2002) The latest solo release from Los Angeles-based Lisbeth Scott is an eleven-track singer / songwriter collection entitled Dove (Zone Records (USA) 4488, 2002). Scott's earlier "solo" releases include Climb (1997), Sirens (1993), Illuminations (1989) and music to Yoga Sanctuary (1999). She is the featured vocalist on Paul Schwartz' State Of Grace (review, 2001) as well as Schwartz' latest project Earthbound (review, 2002).

About the album Lisbeth says, "It's been a three year project that has most definitely been a labor of love ... and sweat and money too! I wrote all the songs and produced nearly the entire collection. Five of the songs feature members of the Seattle Symphony." She told us, "Many other incredible musicians play on the collection. The album was mixed at Abbey Road Studios in London by head engineer Peter Cobbin." Lisbeth continued, "he contacted me after hearing Paul Schwartz' State Of Grace"

The compact disc is accompanied by an extremely well designed and produced booklet; accompanying artwork contains full lyrics and plenty of lovely photographs of the artist. Lisbeth told us, "The CD feels truly blessed. There are so many stories of mystical messages and people coming into the project that really kept me going when I couldn't see the end. When the boxes of Dove arrived at my house I was in tears realising that I'd finally done it!"

Dove opens with a lightly spoken vocal over strings, played by the Seattle Symphony Ochestra and arranged by Lisbeth herself, in the short opening piece entitled "Flame." Gentle and lightly singer songwriter ballad-like tunes dominate the albumwith vocals varying between whispy and crystalline. "Beg" has lush harmony layers and string arrangements that add substantial texture to the track. Gentle harmony vocal layers and light arrangements perfectly compliment the lead in the gentle "Forever Return." Lisbeth's full range is clear in the evocatively sung and richlyl accompanied "Train."

An air of the exotic in "Push The River" results from percussion and string arrangements while emotionally drenched--almost Alanis Morissette-style--vocals introduce the melody. "Clear" is a rocky singer songwriter tune with vast vocal excursions and instrumental solos, certain to please a broad range of enthusiasts. The primarily acoustic track "Straight Into The Heart" perfectly blends Lisbeth's lead and backing vocal layers with light instrumental arrangements.

The moody tune "Smokehouse" with solo vocals soaring above additional harmony layers and rich instrumental arrangements are contrasted with gentle piano at times in this album standout. Lisbeth's crystalline lead vocal in the bluesy "Crucial" is supported by lovely harmonies and a crisp acoustic guitar while the balance of the arrangement provides an excellent foundation for the tune.

"You" is an upbeat and catchy track with the sensual--and extremely well produced--soaring lead vocal accompanied by acoustic guitar building to thicker instrumentation. Another radio-friendly track with single potential, additional vocal layers and lush textures draw the listener into the choruses.A gentle piano accompanied ballad, the title track closes the album with whispy sensual vocals delivering the sensitive message.

Dove is an album of tremendous vocal enthusiasm, clearly a positive result from years of committed effort. Stunning production quality is evident across the entire range of material presented.Dove from amazon.com.Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order Dove from amazon.comhere. Clearly worth a trans-Atlantic journey, Lisbeth's latest solo album is a must listen!

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