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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Stu & Keri Lynn Huggens CD Cover
Image © 1999 \r\nRiver Basin Records  

(27 February 2000) The self-titled and independentlyproduced debut album (full size photo) by father and daughter duo Stu & Keri Lynn Huggens (photo)was released in 1999. The pair of five-track Digital Audio Music (DAM) CDs available frommp3.com (Stu & Keri Lynn Huggens andSame Old Game) together contain the same tracks as the self-titled commercial release. MP3's DAMs will play mp3 format on computer using provided Macromedia software as well as normal audio on a standard CD player.

Classified by the Lancaster, Pennsylvania artists as 'American Music,' the album is rooted in country, touched by swing, enriched in blues, tempered by folk and kicked by rock. Well produced and balanced instrumentation backs lovely vocal work by the duo. Keri Lynn (photo)is a very attractive young lady with an equally stunning voice; noteher visual similarity to the everso popular Katie Holmes (Dawson's Creek). Furtherinformation and photographs are available at the artist's official website whilefree music downloads are available at theirmp3.com webpage. [all Photos © Krisha Martzall, 1999]

Vocals for the album are deeply rooted in a country style.Keri Lynn sings sweetly in mid register and has quite a bit ofpower. The photos available at their website and critics' acclaimindicate she must be dynamite to see perform live. While Keri Lynn likely has an equally extensive range, the songs on the album don't demand it.Stu sings, plays acoustic guitar and wrote or co-wrote most of thematerial on the album. Further instrumentation is provided by supporting musicians: Mickey Dean (lead guitar); Mike Bitts (bass and baritone guitar); Dave Spak (drums and percussion);Lee Derstler (pedal and steel guitar); Chris DeVitry (fiddle);Mike Wolpert (keyboards and piano); Dave Huxta (bass on "TroubledWaters") and Paul Keaveney (acoustic slide guitar).

The duo alternate singing lead while the other sings harmonies—an effective and attractive combination of voices.Stu sings lead vocals on "Solid Roots" and the sensitive ballad"That's What Love Is About." He also leads the way on the album'sclosing track, a swinging bluesy number entitled "Why Did I Bite That Apple."Keri Lynn sings lead on "Same Old Game, Brand New Love" and the two tracks she wrote for the album, sensitive ballads entitled "Troubled Waters" and "My Child." She also sings lead on the swinging country tune "All Hat, No Cattle."The country ballad "All Over Again Tonight" and the rocking tune"Trouble's Coming" are sung as thoughtfully produced duets.A cross between swing and rock, Stu also sings lead on "When ElvisGives Another Cadillac Away."

Clearly the album is a collection of eclectic and interestinginteresting vocal numbers. The complete album may be purchased from the artists' website or as two CDs from mp3.com. Different from the styles of music reviewed typically at Musical Discoveries, we found the music easy to sample online and the technical quality of their commercialrelease to be quite good. It should be further explored by those wishing to expand their entertainment sphere—a nice listen!.

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