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Faster Please CD Cover
Image © Watsonville Pato 2002

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(09 August 2002) The latest release from Watsonville Patio is a five-track EP entitled Faster, Please!. Orignally formed and based in the Los Angeles area, the four members--Janice Grube (vocals), Greg Windell (guitar), William Venturelli (bass), Josh Vazquez (drums)--just recently relocated to the northwest city of Portland, OR, where they all share a house together. This latest recording was recorded at Jackpot Stuios by Larry Crance. The five songs hint at the band's sexy live punch, complete with bristling guitar blare and seducitve over garage-rock grooves. It puts the band somewhere between the sounds of early Pretenders and today's current indie-rock favourites.

The EP is rockier than the band's earlier releases and is characterised by powerful electric guitar excursions, various vocal effects and crisp percussion. The power and vocal energy of singer Janet Grube continues to be awe-inspiring. "Girlfriend" is a rocking tune with thick guitar-based arrangements and layers of Janet's voice that soar above them while percussion provides a rhythmic backdrop. "Undertow" continues to develop the band's rocking sound--guitar feedback peeking through--but the verse-chorus-bridge style and memorable melody lead to an increased accessibility of the band's otherwise alternative style.

Much gentler and softer, akin to the band's earlier sound is the ballad "Distance." Lush electric guitar and light percussion provides a lovely background for Janet's softly soaring vocal lead. The upbeat rocker "Tijuana Internet Chick" is reminscent of Stevie Nicks' (review) work with Fleetwood Mac as well as her solo work. Raunchy electric guitar provides a rich background for the lead and backing vocal work. "On A Shelf" continues the Stevie Nicks' style blending ballad-style vocals with richer guitar-based arrangements. It is a standout track.

This EP will point Watsonville Patio enthusiasts in the direction that the band is currently headed. Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the band's previous recording Cover the Sun with One Finger at amazon.comhere. Worthy of further exploration with the range of styles included, this EP is a very nice listen!

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