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Current concise reviews of the albums by adult alternative, contemporary, and crossover artists. Images of album artwork and links to both internet-based resources are always included. Click on the title to view the article.

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Eva Turkoni CD Cover
Image © Dunnet Wright Music Ltd 2002  

(01 September 2002) Eva Turkoni is the latest artist to emerge from Dunnet Wright Music Ltd (Brighton, England). Her self-titled album has been produced by Iain Dunnet whose earlier work includes Charlie's Vision (feature). Eva's debut recording, produced at the age of 18, is an eleven-track eclectic collection of pop, alternative, soul and ethereal crossover material. But most importantly, it features stunning vocal work. An interview with Eva incorporating the latest photographs of the artist will appear here soon.

Powerful lead vocals and harmony layers grace the everso popular sounding and heartfelt track "Mirror." Lush arrangements in the choruses and the a capella harmonies at the conclusion are incredible. Gently rocking acoustic guitars and bass support Eva's powerfully soaring vocal in the singer songwriter style track "Heaven's Grasp." Further harmonies illustrate the artist's range and add texture to the gentle tune. Eva's crystalline voice is evident above the crisp arrangements in the ballad "Total Lies." We especially enjoyed how her heartfelt crescendos emphasised the lyrical content and her use of vocal range in the track.

The bluesy ballad "Me" is lightly arranged and vocally rich and continues to illustrate the range of Eva's voice and stylistic talent while the rocking pop-accessible tune "Miracle Of Love" shows the single potential of the artist. "Without Me" is clearly a standout track, blending popular sounds with the ethereal while presenting clear allusions to Miriam Stockley's music. Lush harmonies, various additional vocal excursions and electronic arrangements serve to support Eva's powerful lead vocals. One to be played over and over, this track will delight Musical Discoveries' listeners and make them long for more from this stunning vocalist.

Listen to Eva's vocal clarity against the stark acoustic guitar and string arrangement of the gentle and soulful ballad "Ask You For More." In contrast, Eva's delivery of "Flowers," another gentle ballad, is equally soulful but electronic arrangements add richness and give her the room to add power and explore her vocal range further. Layers of vocals join acoustic guitar in the bluesy and heartfelt ballad "Through & Through" whose instrumental and vocal arrangements build to richer proportions in the concluding segments of the track.

The signature vocal track is a Star Search-quality number entitled "Used," a long, powerful and bluesy ballad that fully explores Eva Turkoni's range. The lovely, upbeat and gently rocking tune, "Addiction," concludes the album. We especially enjoyed how her vocal lead is contrasted by lovely harmonies in the choruses. Production quality and layers of string based arrangements and crisp percussion are tops.

While the album is presently only available from Dunnet Wright Music Ltd, discussions are underway for release on one of the major labels. Clearly worth a trans-Atlantic journey, Eva Turkoni's self-titled album is a must listen!

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