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Image © OneWindow 2002

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  (12 October 2002) One Window's internet-only single "Never" is certain to whet the appetite for female vocals enthusiasts in Manchester, England and beyond. The title track "Never" is backed wtih "Battles" and "Come Home." In addition to the internet-only single, the band have three further tracks available: "Remembering," "The Difference" and a sample of "Talks With Weapons." Links from their website point to the mp3 files.

One Window were formed only a year ago by Irish songwriter Matt Collins. Matt's burning desire to fuse melodies with extremely expressive production values, a female vocal and modern beat production forced the formation of One Window as we know them now. After a one off recording--which was their first piece with the Zoe Stafford--was apparantly so good, they just simply decided to carry on recording. The music is modern Manchester, a form of dancemusic with some soul; some say it really is a bit like M-People or Brand New Heavies. Zoe's vocals are controlled; others say it's not the Aretha Franklin approach to the genre, and it really goes perfectly had in hand with sleazy techno-dance music.

We've adored Zoe Stafford since her work with Fula. Maybe that's why One Window seem so appealing. Be sure to read our interview with Zoe by clicking on the link left.One Window are another one of those genre busting bands that some will compare to The Profile's new found friends, Tribeca from the Urbanite label. Taking classical pop songs, guitars and drums, One Window add hip hop beats, samples and scratches to this really slick single.

The internet single begins with "Never," a trip-hoppy number with various sonic effects underscoring the sensual and tender vocal work of lead singer Zoe Stafford. We especially enjoyed the mix as it puts Zoe's wide ranging crystalline voice right up in front but not to the detriment of the rhythmic instrumentals which are not forgotten during the bridge. The urban sounding "Battles," whose thicker and light dance-oriented rhythmic percussion perfectly supports the Zoe's multi-tracked vocal treatment of the lyrics. The single concludes with the upbeat verse-chorus style rocker "Come Home," a distinct departure from the other tracks in pace and depth of production.

"Talks With Weapons" is a most lushly arranged piece. We especially enjoyed the way Zoe's voice soared above the instrumentals. "The Difference" instrumental is set more sparsely atop crisp percussion, mello keyboards and acoustic guitar establish a gently rocking and repetitive dance beat.

"Remembering" (Inflow Records (UK) INFL001, 2002) is also the title track of the band's first commercial single. It is backed with "Talks with Weapons" and "Break It Down." "Remembering" is altogether different as loops from former famous speeches add contrast and join rhythmic and acoustic guitar arrangements before Zoe's sweet and sultry vocals join the piece.

The single also includes the funky "Break It Down," which appears exclusively on the single. Zoe's multiple vocal layers add a tender texture to the rocking guitar and keyboard treatment in the number. We were left longing for more music and keenly await One Window's debut album. Visit Musical Discoveries frequently for updates!

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