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Resurrection CD Cover
Image © Lazerous Syndrome 2002

Ashley Alquine
Ashley Alquine
Image © Lazerous Syndrome 2002

(13 October 2002) English composer Des O'Connor and American poet Ashley Alquine team up to create aural landscapes from surreal vocals and experimental beats. Living on different continents hasn't hindered their ability to create music, thanks to the alchemy of the internet. Des labels them the First Transplanetary Band, and they collaborate with file transfers and arcane digital voodoo. The duo's first album is a ten-track selection entitled Resurrection.

The rich instrumentals and powerful rhythms of the title track open the album with very little vocal other than an occasional tribal chant. We especially enjoyed the whistle (keyboard) melodies that emerge halfway through. The listener is exposed to the sensuality of Ashley's vocals in the rhythmic and electronically oriented "Angel Of Marakesh." The lyrical content has been processed but remains ever present and blends with sweet vocalise.

The electronic and dance-oriented "Indigo Joy" and "Ageless" are accessible numbers with Ashley's wafty vocals complimenting the rhythmic arrangements. These tracks are contrasted by the ethereal and moody almost lullaby tempo piece "Close and Distant Friend," where Ashley's vocal effects, clips of famous spoken word and keyboards seem to blend effortlessly into one another.

"Lost In Action" is an ethereal and moody electronic ballad where--like "Angel Of Marakesh"--Ashley's lovely vocals have been blended with instumentals to subdue the lyrical content within the processing effects. "Conversations" is a more traditionally-oriented and accessible rocker and is less experimental in overall construction with Ashley's lead vocal mixed above the instrumental arrangement.

We especially appreciated the lush and wide ranging instrumental and vocal arrangements of "Emergence," a highly accessible ethereal electronic number certain to appeal to Balligomingo (review)enthusiasts. Layers of (subdued lyric) vocals are perfectly complimented by rich keyboards, percussion and bass in this album standout. "Requiem for an Ancient Sun" continues in a similar vein albeit slower and more significant vocally. The album concludes with a dreamy ethereal vocal-based, yet rhythmic, tune entitled "Part of the Sun."

The debut Lazerous Syndrome album Resurrection is presently available through links from the artists' website. We would prefer the lyrical content of the vocals to shine through the instrumentals and perhaps when the final mix is completed this will be achieved. With several of the tracks being absolute stunners, it is worth a journey and it is indeed a very nice listen!

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