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Let Yourself Fall CD Cover
Image © Paige 23 2001

Paige Paige (guitars/vox)
Image © Paige 23 2003

(14 March 2003) The second release from New York-based alternative rock/pop band Paige 23 is an eleven track collection entitled Let Yourself Fall (2001). After winning a BMG scholarship songwriting contest, Paige (guitars/vox), decided she wanted some company for her music career. Angelo Catalano (drums, percussion) was first to join the band. A twist of fate landed Carmine Guida the role of bass player.

Over the past three years, the band has released two albums, landed radio airplay, signed a publishing deal and produced two videos. They completed Let Yourself Fall without the backing of a major or indie label and celebrated the CD's release at the Manhattan Hard Rock Cafe. The singer has been compared critically to Melissa Etheridge although the band cites influences as Led Zeppelin to the Beatles to Tori Amos.

The band's material varies from highly accessible radio friendly upbeat tunes to heartfelt torch ballads. One live performance is included--it is notably compressed and lacks the production quality of the remaining ten studio recordings. For a three-piece band, they have a remarkably mature sound with vocal production among the album's standout features. Listeners will immediately be drawn to Paige's voice. Her vocal clarity, range and sheer evocativeness forms the trademark sound of the band.

Let Yourself Fall opens with the upbeat "Love You Anyway," a guitar-laden rocker graced with layers of Paige's powerful and soaring vocal lines. Bluesy and funky tracks like "Dylan" and "As Soon As" are continually contrasted with pop rock hook-oriented numbers like "You Couldn't Stop Me" and evocative ballads including "Reaction," the stark "One Fire" and the standout "Run, Run (Too Far From Me)." The mid-tempo acoustic electric blend "Unworthy Because" and wrenching "No Words (Miles and Miles)" are further album standouts. The lush piano-laden "I Can't Let It Matter" concludes the album with Paige's vocal layers leaving the listener keen to hear it again.

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