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Edge On EP Cover
Image © Gina Dootson 2002

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(13 April 2003) The first recording to emerge from Gina Dootson since her 2001 album 3AM Generation (review) is a three track EP entitled Edge On. Dootson will also be featured in the CRS Unplugged CD due out in late April 2003. The EP is produced by John Hart and John Sword.

Edge On was recorded with Gina's full band and engineered by Ken MacPherson. Supporting Gina's outstanding vocal work are Andy Lymn (drums), Richard Lymn (bass), John Hart (electric guitar), Mark Atkinson (backing vocals), Jan Atkinson (backing vocals) and Darren Spiby (backing vocals. Production quality is excellent with vocal and instrumental arrangements absolutely perfect.

The inspiration for the EP's title is its opening track "Razor Edge," a tender acoustic guitar-backed ballad. Gina's sweetly sung lead vocal is supported by lovely harmonies in the chorus. Her gentle and emotional vocal texture is stimulating from the first sung words--selective multi-tracking and a second guitar part adds depth and presence to the tune.

The EP's arrangement of "Dinner On Mars" (in contrast to the arrangement on 3AM Generation) is arranged with rich instrumentals and with lush backing harmonies. The catchy melody and stunning vocal work clearly show why Gina Dootson won the CRS award for best solo performer in 2002. Accompanied only by acoustic guiter, Gina's evocative vocals in "Ricochet" are sweetly sung and tremendously performed. Listeners will be left longing for more.

The EP can be obtained at Gina's gigs. Visit her website for tour details, an updated gallery, further information and the latest news. With music like this and the CRS best solo artist award under her belt, perhaps hew next full length album is around the corner.

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