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Glance CD Cover
Image © Park Records 2003  

(19 April 2003) Rose Kemp--daughter of Maddy Prior and Rick Kemp--is a singer songwriter whose acoustic-based pop combines the instant appeal of Dido, with hints of the dark blues of PJ Harvey, and a fresh, rootsy quality that recalls earlier generations of singer-songwriters such as Joni Mitchell and Suzanne Vega. Rose Kemp's debut album Glance (Park Records (UK) PRKCD63, 2003) is a well-produced and eclectic collection encompassing twelve original tunes.

Glance is an album of many shades, drawing on pop and indie with a contemporary edge as well as blues and jazz influences. Rich, and at times, husky vocals to the fore, Rose spins confessional tales of life, love and longing, ranging from the simplicity and emotional directness of opening track "Falls," through the lyrically dextrous and uplifting pop of "Smile" to the unhinged blues of "Conscience." But desipte the vocal range difference between Rose and her mother, there is a keen similarity deep within their singing styles. And the multi-tracked harmonies are absolutely lovely.

The first half of the album provides a great introduction to Rose's work, especially with the richly arranged opening track "Falling" and the tremendous rocker "Hush Me Down." In the second half, album standouts include the gentle yet hooking rocker "Smile" and the upbeat, almost country and western, tune "I Won't Run." Mick Clark's slide guitar work, Tony Poole's programming and other supporting instrumentals are superb.

Despite her relatively young age, Rose has already been developing her craft for over half her life. Having been singing since early childhood, she started writing poetry at age 9, and songs at age 11. Mature beyond her years, she’s already recorded and toured with her parents, and if this debut is anything to go by, we’ll be hearing a lot more from her. Read further information, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.comhere. Rose Kemp's Glance album should be explored further by Maddy Prior fans especially. Clearly worth a trans-Atlantic journey, it is a must listen!

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