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Daytrip CD Cover
Image © Middlechild Music 2003

(05 July 2003) Margaret Far, who also appears on the Delerium album Chimera (revew),has released her own solo debut album entitled Daytrip (Middlechild Music (USA) 6699106 21721, 2003).Stylistically, Margaret's voice falls somewhere between the open-toned and lush singing of Moya Brennan and the sensual crooning of Sarah McLachlan.

Margaret has that wonderful ability to eliminate most of the vibrato from her voice--somewhat in the traditional Irish sean-nos style--instead stretching each note honey-like over scintillating soundscapes. She has influences that include Kate Bush, Bjork and Peter Gabriel. Touches of these influences appear in Daytrip. However, the album is entirely novel. Margaret served as the album's co-producer, writer, instrumentalist and vocalist--quite a significant undertaking for such a young artist--and the results are spectacular.

The songs on Daytrip range from the drum-and-bass-y ("Half Man Half Horse") to the jazz-sprinkled ("I Dwell in Possibility") to the creamy ballad ("In All Your Love"). Exceptional tracks on the album include the dense and ambient "Will I Drown" which utilizes sparse rythmic elements, and sonorous synths to perfectly compliment Margaret's languorous vocals.

The tender "Take My Hand" is a serene and dreamy number that slowly pulses with elegant intensity. Stirring lyrics contribute heavily to the album's overall success. On "Little Blue Room," Maragret expertly moves from simple piano and vocals in the verses to multi-layered Enya-esque majesty in the chorus. The result is a hymn-like slice of heaven. The closing track "Sing me to Sleep" is a fantastic finisher that calls to mind Sarah McLachlan's "I Love You."

"Daytrip" creates a wonderful sense of well-contentedness as if the listeners ears are being brushed with diaphanous gauze. With Daytrip, Margaret Far has shown herself to be a potent singer/songwriter. We look forward to what this new voice may create in the future.--Justin Elswick

Read further reviews, listen to soundbites and order the album from amazon.comhere. Margaret Far is emerging as a vocalist to be followed. Clearly worth a journey, this album is a very nice listen!

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