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Here I Am CD Cover
Image © Amy Bee 2003  

(27 November 2003) Amy Schofield is a singer / songwriter based in Oxfordshire, England. She has a Diploma in Music and Technology as well as fourteen years of experience--starting work at the tender age of 15--in both studio recording and live work playing the London circuit. Brought to the attention of Musical Discoveries by a close friend, the first demo recording by her new group, the Amy Bee Band, is comprised of five tracks. Amy is relaunching herself within the Oxfordshire area with new material as part of a vocal/acoustic duo.

The five self-produced tracks demonstrate her talent for singing and songwriting as well as influences of Dido, Everything But The Girl and, to a lesser extent, Norah Jones. "Reverie" is a trip-hop, electronically programmed track, with spoken vocal distortions complimenting the singer's naturally evocative Dido-like style. This modern blend works well and provides a good introduction to Amy's work. "Tide" is a rockier number with keyboard washes, thick electric guitar excursions and crisp percussion providing a significant contrast to the opening track. Vocal layering adds depth and texture to the overall sound.

The CD's title track, "Here I Am" is clearly the standout track of this recording. Amy sings two contrasting vocal lines during the chorus that illustrate her range and depth of vocal delivery. The instrumental arrangement and vocal production in this track are certainly the best on the demo. "Deep Inside" is a good and gently accompanied mid-tempo track. As with "Here I Am," Amy sings two significantly contrasting vocal lines, here atop some funky instrumentals. "Some Day" begins acoustically and develops electronically with keyboard and electric guitar joining the arrangement. Vocal textures and acoustic guitar in the bridge are tremendous. A gentle ballad, it demonstrates the breadth of Amy's virtuousity.

Amy's "Here I Am" demo recording provides a good insight into the singer / songwriter's raw talent. Further work in a professional studio with the addition of independent production will likely enhance what she has to offer her listeners. This demo has been a great listen and we can't wait to hear Amy's first full length album.

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